WTF Happened to Billy Bob Thornton?!


Apparently Billy Bob Thornton has been playing Hollywood plastic surgery roulette and has come out looking like this…

Billy Bob Thornton before and after plastic surgery:Billy  Bob Thornton Before and After Botox

Billy Bob, who is 56 years old, recently appeared on Nightline and our inbox was immediately flooded with “WTF HAPPENED TO BILLY BOB’S FACE!” emails. Well, we have the answer and it’s not pretty: Billy Bob Thornton has officially crossed the line and overdosed on Botox. And he looks like shit. A scrawny piece of spray tanned, waxen shit. With fake hair stuck in the top.

Billy Bob Thornton before and after hairplugs:
Billy Bob Thornton Hairplugs

Billy Bob has obviously been spending too much time at the plastic surgeons office and shows the signs of over usage of Botox. While he still has deep wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, his forehead is completely (and bizarrely) smooth and frozen. Billy Bob has also had hair restoration surgery (“hairplugs”) to fill in his once receded hairline. Remember when he was bangin’ Angelina Jolie in the back of limos and we NEVER saw him without a hat on? That is because he was bald. Ten years later? His hair is full, thick and dyed brown? WTF.

This makes me so sad!! Billy Bob Thornton is was one of my all time favorite, top 5 actors. Why did I love Billy Bob? Because he was a scrawny, weird, funny, witty, talented actor (that could move all parts of his face in order to express emotion) and could pull chicks like Angelina Jolie. Who is this new Billy Bob that we see now? I have no idea, but I want no part of what that guy is selling…

Billy Bob Thornton as we would like to remember him (okay maybe not the last one…):



  • avatar Smh says:

    All that botox gave him a wonky right eye!

  • avatar FrankenAuntie says:

    I’m no fan of extreme plastic surgery,but I actually thinks he looks pretty good.The work,while significant, is for the most part natural and believable-looking.If you didn’t know what he looked like before,you’d never know and he looks decades younger than he did before.He looked old before his time anyway.I’m more concerned with how thin he is.Always a slight man,he’s ridiculously underweight.But gosh,after seeing terrible work on the likes of Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds,BBT’s face is a masterwork in comparison.

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