Kathy Lee and Hoda Have Plastic Surgery Live on The Today Show (Video)


Plastic surgery has become such a common and accepted method of fighting natural aging in our society, that it was somehow okay for Kathie Lee Gifford to get plastic surgery on national television recently. On the “Today” show earlier this month, Gifford and co-host Hoda Kotb embraced this skewed ideal in a show titled “Needles, Knives or Nothing: Kathie Lee and Hoda’s Guide to Getting Work Done.” WTF? Seriously, in what universe is this “plastic surgery extravaganza” (their words, not ours) what we have to look forward to on daytime television?

Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda in 2008:
Kathy Lee and Hoda
(Obviously this recent plastic surgery extravaganza is not Kathy Lee’s 1st time…)

Undergoing five different procedures on-air, including laser hair removal and an eyebrow lift, the “human guinea pigs” subjected themselves to the same treatment that Hollywood celebrities are bashed for on a daily basis. But it’s acceptable under these circumstances because…why? Because they are open and honest about it, meaning they aren’t trying to pass off plastic surgery as their natural beauty? Or because they aren’t undergoing “serious” plastic surgery procedures like boob jobs and liposuction? That’s probably what Kathie Lee Gifford is telling herself. Sorry sister, but it’s all the same to us.

Watch Kathy Lee and Hoda get some work done while the cameras roll:

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  • avatar Vi says:

    For many years I admired Kathie for her decency & refinement. She had a good upbringing & it showed! I was truly horrified when the clip of her husband admiring his mistress’s breasts was televised & wondered how she would endure the humiliation. It soon became obvious that Kathie felt she had to augment her own to please HIM. How very sad. She was more than “fine” the way she was.

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