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Think of all the celebrities – female celebrities in particular – who have gotten boob jobs, face lifts, lip implants, liposuction, Botox injections and more, all in an endless quest for beauty. Then think about how pissed they all must have been when a blonde-haired, blue-eyed 18-year-old girl with no makeup and no plastic surgery whatsoever was pegged as “the girl with the perfect face.” Ha!

Pictures of Florence Colgate and her award winningly perfect face:

Florence Colgate, a student from Britain with a Saturday job at a chip shop, beat out 8,000 other applicants in a contest to find Britain’s most naturally-beautiful face. Apparently, Florence’s face “matches an international blueprint for the optimum ratio between eyes, mouth, forehead and chin,” all of which contribute to her “flawless proportions.” All you insecure celebrities with bad plastic surgery out there – you’re probably wishing you had gotten your hands on that blueprint, aren’t you? Even if you had, you wouldn’t have even been allowed to enter the contest – contestants were barred if they had had plastic surgery or chemical enhancement in the past. Score one for natural beauty!

Florence Colgate versus the “blueprint of the perfect face”:

The perfect face scientific blueprint

Is it a perfect match? No, but obviously Florence is still beautiful!

According to scientific research, the perfect face has a specific width and length ratio or “The Golden Proportions”. The distance from pupil to pupil should be 46 percent of the overall width of the face (excluding the ears). The distance from midpoint of the mouth should be 36 percent of the overall length of the face from hairline to chin. (Hmmm. Sounds like someone from “Weird Science” has been up past their bedtime busily building the perfect woman…). Celebrities that are said to possess “The Golden Proportions” are Jessica Alba, Shania Twain and Elizabeth Hurley.

The Perfect Face Measurements

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  • avatar Mark says:

    Hmm, this ‘news’ is like two weeks old and was all over the place. Try a little harder, thnx bye

  • avatar Demi says:

    Being perfect is boring. Flaws are what makes you unique and beautiful!

  • avatar Anna says:

    I say she’s had her top lip augmented

  • avatar shelly says:

    whomever these assholes are trying to figure out some bullshit ‘science’ to find a ‘perfect’ face should be ejected into outerspace with the rest of the garbage (like the inventors of the IQ). nice way to skew her self image and make the rest of us feel like crap.

  • avatar jw says:

    she looks boring because she is perfect…the end.

  • avatar Tammy says:

    Her looks are boring. Maybe it’s just because I’m American and used to much more interesting features.

  • avatar Creighton says:

    I think she IS very pretty… It’s a science that goes back to the Golden Ratio, and it’s fascinating to find that this ratio is in almost everything we naturally find beautiful or comforting. For the most part, the average face fits these “requirements”, Nature works in weird ways.

  • avatar Creighton says:

    I think she IS very pretty… It’s a science that goes back to the Golden Ratio, and anyways, the average face comes close to these proportions.

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