Janet Jackson Went Too Far With The Plastic Surgery


Janet Jackson has recently popped back into the spotlight to walk some red carpets and promote a weight loss system by Nutri-System. Janet has often struggled with her weight and appears to be back in shape, but entirely way more shocking then her weight loss, is her bizarre new face!

Janet Jackson in 2010 and in 2012:
Janet Jackson before and after more plastic surgery

Janet’s appearance in the Nutri-System video is shocking to say the least. Her mouth is moving, but the rest of her face is completely frozen. She seriously looks like a puppet.

Janet Jackson’s frozen face promoting Nutri-System:

Janet Jackson is 46 years old and it seems obvious that she has recently added to the laundry list of cometic surgeries that she has had over the years. What has Janet’s face looking so strange? It looks like she went full boar and dove head first into the weird world of bad plastic surgery. While the frozenness of her face could have been caused by overdoing the Botox injections, we think that Janet took it a step further and has actually had a facelift that has not settled in yet. It also looks like she’s had filler injected into her cheeks and they look like they are literally melting off of her face. Yikes.

Too much filler for Mrs. Jackson?
Janet Jackson plastic surgery 2012

In addition to the too-tight facelift and over filled cheeks, is it just me or does it also looks like Janet has had another nose job?! It could be a makeup trick, but her nose is looking very different lately.

Did Janet Jackson get another nose job?
Janet Jackson's face in 2002 versus 2012

And, for all of you nostalgic Janet Jackson fans…Remember when Janet Jackson was black?!

Janet Jackson at the 2002 BET awards and today:
Janet Jackson used to be black! What happened?

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  • avatar Michelle Q says:

    OMG! What the hell happened to Janet’f face?! That video is frightening!

  • avatar Sara says:

    Did this woman learn nothing by watching her brother’s nose fall off??? Her nose is gone!!!!

  • avatar peony says:

    I cannot believe the difference in her skin color! What did she do to lighten her skin so drastically?

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    Crazy! What is wrong with her? She looks like her sister LaToya. The video actually made me laugh. Her mouth is moving when she speaks but nothing else moves.

  • avatar Diane says:

    Both she and Michael were so cute way back when. Why did they do this to themselves?

  • avatar MR says:

    Maybe her face looks different merely due to the weight loss. I never understood cheek implants. 9 out of 10 times, they do not look well.
    She is a beautiful black woman…lay off the skin lightening.

  • avatar shell12 says:

    Leave this woman alone she did nothing to her face.All of her family members have high cheek bones including her parents!! No doubt most of you are white always picking on black people!!

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