Jenni Jwoww Farley’s Botched Lipo Stomach


Apparently, CelebBuzz thinks that Jenni “Jwoww” Farley (wearing one of her silly gimmick bikinis) has one of the best bikini bodies of 2012. All I have to say about that is “WTF?!” and “Are you blind or did you get paid to write that?”.

Jwoww Bikini Body

Jwoww has one of the worst botched liposuction stomaches and I cringe just looking at it. Really? You think that sh!t looks good? It looks like she had her plastic surgeon etch a cock n’ balls into her stomach and super glued her belly button back on.

Do you see what I see?JWoww's botched liposuction on her gut

So was JWoww’s etched cock n’ ball abs the inspiration for her Perfect Tan Fashion Diva bikini? For some reason it also has a cock n’ balls theme…

A model in JWoww’s “Perfect Tan” Diva Bikini:Perfect Tan Fashion Diva Leopard Bikini(I’ll pass on “the perfect tan” if I have to wear that godawful swimsuit…)

Any how, back to Jwoww’s sad lipo stomach. Obviously she is lazy, since she has chosen liposuction over working out. She is in her early 20’s and should be earning a flat stomach in the gym, rather then paying for one at the plastic surgeons office, which makes her “obviously I’ve had budget lipo” results even that much more unattractive. Anyone that puts “Jwoww” on a best bikini body list is either blind or is drunk and distracted by her gargantuan breast implants.

More on JWoww’s extensive plastic surgery transformation.

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  • avatar Lorna says:

    Lipo is the quickest way for a flat core, but STILL needs to be toned! In fact, she still needs to tone her whole body, specially her arms, thighs & legs.

  • avatar cc says:

    totally botched, feel a bit sorry for her as she seems to not have much luck with her surgeries! she always has terrible scarring and bad results.

    she should use some of her jersey shore money to find a better surgeon who wont make her look like a drag queen.

  • avatar RR says:

    It’s *not* lipo. She actually had a tummy tuck. A botched lipo job would have her stomach covered in dents and irregularities. The tight “skin pulled down” appearance is typical of how a tummy tuck looks. You can even see the scar around her belly button in some high-res photos.
    I don’t blame her for getting a Tummy Tuck and such a young age. She was very overweight as a kid and probably had extra skin.

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