Amy Fisher Has Had a Total Plastic Surgery Overhaul


Remember Amy Fisher? At the age of 17 (back in 1992), Amy put a bullet in the head of the wife of her lover, Joey Buttafuoco, and became known as “The Long Island Lolita”. Amy served 7 years in prison for her crime and has been pretty much failing at life ever since being released.

Amy Fisher then and now:
Amy Fisher before and after chin implant

Obviously Amy liked the media attention that she got by trying to kill someone, because she has desperately tried to remain famous since being released from prison. First were the interviews and book deals, failed attempts to score a reality show and then of course, the “leaked” sex tape, porn films, stripping and excessive plastic surgery.

Amy Fisher Plastic Surgery

Amy Fisher before and after lip injections:
Amy Fisher before and after plastic surgery

Amy Fisher has had Botox injections, rhinoplasty surgery, lip injections, a chin implant, a boob job and liposuction on her stomach. The Botox, nose job and fake boobs look as to be expected for a nearly 40 porn star, but the lip injections look horribly done! On the bright side, Amy’s plastic surgeon did a great job on the liposuction that he performed on her stomach. Her stomach looks flat and toned, like she’s been spending time in the gym. Unfortunately the rest of her body is a dead giveaway that she’s had lipo on her stomach. Her flabby legs and couch potato butt are telltale signs that she spends very little time (if any) working out.

Amy Fisher in a bikini:
Amy Fisher bikini body

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  • avatar Jody says:

    Do this women not realize that they look more like transvestites?????

    • avatar R says:

      First of all, do consider spending your time somewhere constructive (grammar school maybe?) Second, you all are a bunch of weak, insignificant bit***. This woman has had enough bull crap in her life and you feel the need to throw in? incredibly negative and unproductive use of your energy. Just as this probably was, but i enjoy spreading awareness where its needed.

  • avatar Local Joe says:

    Wow $72.00 for The Amy Fisher Story DVD? Must be extremely entertaining!

  • avatar Sebbie says:

    Someone being “famous” for shooting a woman in the head is so awful. As for “book deals” she never had one. She paid the infamous scam vanity publisher to get her book “published” So stupid. Where did she get the money for so much surgery in the first place, from porn before she was really good looking? The first plastic surgeon really did a terrific job but the second lot makes her look the usual terrible you expect to see with plastic surgery.

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