Happy 50th Birthday to Breast Implants!


Whether you love them or loathe them, breast implants have officially been increasing the bra size of woman for 50 years. The first breast augmentation using silicon implants was performed on Timmie Jean Lindsay in 1962, and believe it or not, the 80 year old grandmother still has the original silicon implants that were implanted 50 years ago!

The first silicon breast implant circa 1963:The First Silicon Breast Implants circa 1963

Over the last 50 years breast implants certainly have changed and evolved. In the 1960’s there was only one decision to make for woman who chose to get breast implants: big, bigger or biggest! Currently, there are nearly a dozen decisions you need to make when choosing the breast implants to best suit you and your lifestyle. Today, a woman has the options of implant filler (silicon or saline), implant surface (smooth or textured), shape (round or teardrop), profile (low, moderate or high) and of course, size. Once you chose the type of implant, you also have the choice of implant placement (over the muscle or under the muscle) as well as scar placement (areola, armpit, breast crease or belly button). That’s a lot of decisions to make and you haven’t even picked a cosmetic surgeon yet! Phew!

The demand for breast implants has steadily grown over the years and shows no signs of slowing down in our modern world of obviously augmented celebrities and housewives. With prices coming down and credit cards being accepted by cosmetic surgeons worldwide, breast implants are now accessible for just about anyone that wants them. From brave cancer survivors rebuilding their bodies after a mastectomy to impressional high school girls getting boob jobs as graduation presents, breast implants are everywhere and are officially mainstream.

Breast implants have been around for 50 years, but remember, simply because breast implants are common and accessible does not necessarily make them safe nor right for everyone. Complications do occur and can range from minor infection to death, so caution should be used when making the decision to get breast implants. You can’t really “undo” a boob job and magically get your original breasts back, so be 100% certain that you really dislike your breasts enough to change them forever and be sure to read up on the pros and cons of breast implants before taking the plunge.

Breast Augmentation Surgery is 50 Years Old

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