Anderson Cooper Kicks “The Real-Life Barbie” To The Curb


You’ve got to hand it to Anderson Cooper. Not many people can look the “Human Barbie” in the eye and tell her she is dreadful while still maintaining an air of quiet class. Earlier this week, Sarah Burge, a British woman who is in the Guinness Book of World Records for undergoing the most plastic surgery procedures, took to Anderson Cooper’s stage to defend her stance on Botox and other forms of plastic surgery. It’s kind of amazing that Cooper even lasted as far as he did into the interview, because, despite her nickname, Burge is definitely not a pretty sight.

With over 100 cosmetic procedures under her belt over the past 20 years, including liposuction, numerous facelifts, brow lifts, cheek implants, rhinoplasty, a tummy tuck, butt implants, and calf implants, Sarah Burge says that she still isn’t finished making over her body. When asked if she will ever stop getting plastic surgery, Burge’s response is “No, not until they hammer the last nail into my coffin.”

Anderson Cooper versus Sarah Burge (at least in my mind…):
Anderson Cooper versus Sarah Burge

Besides the fact that Burge has reportedly spent $500,000 on plastic surgery for herself, she has also encouraged her 15-year-old daughter to get Botox injections in her forehead and even stooped so low as to give her now eight-year-old daughter a voucher for liposuction and breast augmentation as gifts. Burge defended her decision to let her daughter, a professional dancer, get Botox to prevent her from sweating by saying, “you wouldn’t see Beyonce sweating on the stage, would you?” Um…really? Burge did say that she would rather oversee her daughter’s Botox, rather than have her find a voo-doo witch doctor or buy it online and administer it herself. It’s no surprise the plastic surgery addict had so much difficulty pronouncing the word “administering;” it’s a wonder she can move her lips at all to form words.

The interview with Sarah Burge got old quick, and whether Beyonce does in fact sweat on stage or not, Anderson Cooper wasn’t having it. He abruptly ended the interview by telling the self-professed Human Barbie that he had nothing else to talk to her about, calling her “dreadful” and saying he didn’t want to talk to her anymore. Afterwards, Anderson said that he regretted having Burge on his show at all, and also regretted how things ended, saying that he tries to be polite to all of his guests.  It’s possible that Burge was stunned by Cooper’s dismissal, but honestly, it’s hard to tell with all that plastic going on in the face area.

Video of Anderson Cooper versus Sarah Burge:

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  • avatar Mia says:

    If you actually research this woman, you will find she started having plastic surgery after she was severely disfigured after domestic abuse by her then boyfriend. She was on a radio station interview in Australia and talked about how she helps women who have been in the same situations to work with plastic surgeons who are experienced in facial reconstruction.
    Learn the facts and not just what the media portrays.

    Here is an interesting article about her

    • avatar Shane Czajkowski says:

      That still doesn’t excuse her behavior with her own children. It doesn’t matter if she bettered herself and helps others better themselves if they just end up being sucked into the void of aesthetics. You are out of your mind for defending this awful display of ‘benevolence’. Her poor children will never be the same after being convinced that looks are everything and being fake is of the utmost importance.

      Anyone who is defending this woman and the way she raises her kids scares the hell out of me. This world is so damn polluted with your dense justifications. You are just as bad as the media.

  • avatar Michelle Q says:

    First of all, that “after” domestic violence picture is fake (and poorly photoshopped). Second, having reconstructive surgery does not give you a hall pass to abuse your children by shooting them up with Botox and encouraging your 7 year old daughter to get breast implants and liposuction. Sarah Burge is a sociopath and trying to pass that fake abuse picture off as real is further proof.

  • avatar cc says:

    lol why does this website report stuff that was news last month???

    this was on tmz ages ago!

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    Something she’d not considered about Barbie: Barbie was made already “perfect”.

  • avatar Marie says:

    She helps domestic violence victims, and Anderson has done…

    • avatar Shane Czajkowski says:

      I’m surprised you got passed the captcha mathematical equation to post on here. And, Wal-Mart helps its communities out as well… for the mere purpose to use it as a tax write-off. That means they are a great company?

      Go preach your prepubescent grift elsewhere.

  • avatar Simey Smiles says:

    You could cut the sexual tension with a melted plastic knife. She may be sick. She may be independently minded. But credit to Anderson for skipping the Marines to cut to a media role where his nose for top stories will also help hois ratings and his take home pay. what nect for Anderson? An expose on anoutbreak of hair follicles in men’s hack sacks after netherlands waxing at his favorite village maintenance boutique?

  • avatar Bill says:

    What a gay piece of shit he is!!!

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