Why In The World is Annalynne McCord Getting Plastic Surgery?


I just don’t understand why amazingly attractive girls insist upon getting plastic surgery. Just to name a few: Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Sophie Monk and Lindsay Lohan are all naturally stunning girls that ruined their natural good looks (and careers) with plastic surgery. And if Annalynne McCord continues on her plastic surgery journey, she’s going to be added to this list, quickly. Recently, the 24-year old actress was snapped wrapping a newly inflated pair of lips around a popsicle at the beach. After you get over the “I’m totally trying to be overtly sexy in front of the paparazzi” douche-baggery, you can’t help but notice her unnatural looking slug lip.

Annalynne McCord and her popsicle:
Annalynne Mccord enjoying a popsicle at the beach

When comparing pictures of AnnaLynne today versus AnnaLynne circa 2008, it’s quite obvious that she has been regularly getting lip plumping injections for years now.

Annalynne McCord before and after lip plumping injections:
Annalynne McCord before and after lip injections

But why is AnnaLynne McCord getting plastic surgery in her early 20’s? Annalynne is was naturally gorgeous. Does she think that plastic surgery is going to make her even more gorgeous? Will it help her career? Judging from the past plastic surgery foley’s of other up and coming young Hollywood starlets, AnnaLynne McCord is already walking the line of improving her good looks versus ruining her good looks. Annalynne reminds me a lot of Megan Fox. Both are naturally gorgeous, both decided to have plastic surgery and both were so pleased with their plumped up puckers that they couldn’t help but try and draw attention to them every chance they could get (remember when it was nearly impossible to find a picture of Megan Fox without her tongue out, licking her lips or blowing a kiss?).

Megan Fox and Annalynne McCord. Blowing kisses goodbye to their careers or just being super sexy?Megan Fox and AnnaLynne McCord Kissing

It has also been rumored the AnnaLynne McCord has had many other plastic surgery procedures including breast implant and a nose job. I don’t think either of those rumors are true, but I do suspect that in addition to the lip injections, she has received Botox injections as well. It sure does seem that just a couple of years in Hollywood has the ability to turn naturally stunning young actresses into waxen faced “sexy” zombies.

Annalynne McCord before and after plastic surgery:
Annalynne McCord before and after plastic surgery

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