Top 5 Countries With The Most Plastic Surgery Per Capita


It’s no surprise that more Americans undergo plastic surgery than residents of any other country in the world. After all, our celebrity role models consist of plastic surgery veterans like Mariah Carey, Tara Reid and the entire Kardashian family. But when you take population into account, there are actually five other countries that have more cosmetic surgery procedures than the United States, recent data indicates. Curious to know which countries topped the list? 5. Colombia, 4. Brazil, 3. Italy, 2. Greece, and the big number 1, South Korea. We all know that America as a whole is beauty obsessed, but what’s the deal with South Korea, Greece and the others?

Plastic Surgery Popularity World Map

South Korea

According to a 2009 survey conducted by a market-research firm called Trend Monitor, nearly one in five women from Seoul, South Korea’s capital, have undergone at least one cosmetic procedure. In total, more than 360,000 plastic surgery procedures were performed in South Korea in 2010, the most common of which were nose jobs, liposuction and blepharoplasty, a disgusting-sounding double eyelid surgery. Apparently, the latter procedure is conducted in the tens of thousands each year because Asian patients are seeking more Western-looking eyes.


Considering its economy continues to struggle, experts attempting to explain Greece’s placement at the top of the plastic surgery list have come up empty-handed. According to president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Dr. Malcolm Roth, “A country’s economy and access to disposable income usually plays a big part in the demand of plastic surgery unless the government pays for it.” But, against all odds, the Greeks have scored spot number two in the countries with the most plastic surgery per capita. Breast augmentation was the most common invasive procedure in Greece, and a notable 592 penis enlargements were performed in 2010, a rate ten times higher than the average of the other countries on the list.


The bronze medal for the most plastic surgeries goes to Italy, with a total of 815,745 cosmetic surgery procedures performed in 2010. Among Italians, Botulinum Toxin Type A, called Botox Dysport, was the most popular procedure overall, and liposuction was the most common invasive procedure, with more than 69,000 reported. While a total of 800,000 seems like nothing compared to the United States’ 13 million plastic surgery procedures reported by the ASPS in 2010, that’s definitely a whole lot of lipo. Could it be all the pasta and cheese?


Brazil is notorious for its beautiful landscape and its beautiful people. But how many of these people can claim natural beauty? According to Roth, it doesn’t really matter, because “Brazilians have no problem with plastic surgery. If anything, it’s seen as a status symbol to have had it.” Okay, so Brazilians love plastic surgery, but it’s not like the government is paying for them to get it, right? Wrong. Apparently, Brazil has a variety of government-based tax-deduction systems in effect that support elective plastic surgery. Among the most popular invasive procedures in Brazil in 2010 were liposuction and breast implants. Would a tax deduction ever be your guide to breast implants, or is this just a government sponsored perk for busty Brazilian women?


Colombia secured its spot at number five due to its reputation as a hot spot for cosmetic tourism, an interesting trend in which foreigners are traveling to the country to undergo cosmetic surgery. That sounds risky…and it probably is, Roth warns. Plastic surgery may be cheap in Colombia, but you’ve really got to wonder why. A whole lot can go wrong when you’re under the knife, in a foreign country, with a stranger for a doctor. Regardless, liposuction was the most popular procedure in Colombia in 2010, among both surgical and non-surgical procedures, with 90,000 performed.

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  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    Definitely not at all surprised about South Korea.

  • avatar as says:

    stupid hongkongese

  • avatar Jadey says:

    The only reason SK is number 1 is becuz plastic surgery is very cheap there. People from all over the world go there to get plastic surgery. I’m not saying people there don’t do it but not as much as people think.

  • avatar spc says:

    You forgot the nosejob capital of the world: Iran.

  • avatar Brodo says:

    Women in South Korea do not get plastic surgery on their eyes to make them look “more western”. They do it to make their eyes appear larger to give them a younger, more innocent appearance. The large eyes and double eyelid has been coveted there for centuries before they even knew the western standards of beauty.

  • avatar gus says:

    I agree with Brodo. Western double eyelid is not same as asian double eyelid. Double eyelid surgery is intend to make eyes look bigger and more feminine like anime heroine. There are many asian females and males who have double eyelids naturally. Double eyelid is not a western specific characteristic but rather characteristic of beauty where many cultures and society view as ideal.

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