Did Deena Cortese Get Liposuction?


Deena Cortese, who is currently filming for the last season of “Jersey Shore”, stripped down to her bikini last weekend and revealed a new accessory: six pack abs!

Deena Cortese then and now:
Deena Cortez from Jersey Shore got Liposuction

But wait a second here…Deena’s newly slim waistline and “rock-hard” six pack abs aren’t accompanied by the usual celebrity weight loss package: weight loss and/or diet pill endorsement deal, lifestyle change and, oh I don’t know…loss of fat from any other part of her body. Yep, it looks like Deena Cortese, the self-proclaimed “Blast in a Glass”, has dipped back into her reality show money and has had more plastic surgery. This time, it appears that Deena has had liposuction on her MTV sponsored beer gut.

Deena before and after liposuction?
Deena Cortez before and after liposuction?

Yes it is possible that Deena lost weight naturally, but it would be extremely unusual that she would have lost weight from just her stomach area. Here are five reasons why we think Deena has had liposuction:

1. She’s had plastic surgery before (rhinoplasty and cosmetic dentistry).
2. Her BFF Jwoww has had a boat load of plastic surgery, including liposuction.
3. It’s virtually impossible to lose weight from just one part of your body.
4. Deena’s stomach skin appears to be saggy/baggy as if she hasn’t given it enough time to snap back after sucking out the fat.
5. Deena’s new 6-pack looks “etched” or drawn.

So what do you think? Has Deena Cortese had liposuction or do you think that her new 6-pack is the result of hard work in the gym? We wish it were the latter, but the signs point to lipo for us!

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  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Seriously… she looked amazing without the lipo or whatever she did. These celebrities need to stop ruining themselves.

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    I agree, I’m sure she’s had lipo. But I wouldn’t say she has 6 pack abs. Her stomach is just flatter than it was before. She is really gross in my opinion, so really all the cosmetic surgery in the world would not help her.

  • avatar Jay Hood says:

    I think dem titties is fake too. She kinda thick wid it tho. Got dat ass!

  • avatar Kaiti D says:

    She may have gotten some lipo…but definitely lost weight…boobs are a little less full, wrinkly skin around the knees,slimmer neck, can see her collar bones, but totally agree it is next to impossible to lose weight just from one area. A little lipo never hurt anyone. She looks a lot better, a lot healthier, lipo or not!

  • avatar Honey Boo Boo says:

    That is NOT a six pack!

  • avatar Tinersz says:

    I saw she did the Fresh Diet plan and not liposuction. who knows what she did

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