Amia Miley and Kim Kardashian: The Sisterhood of The Fake Booties


Rumor had it that Kanye West tweeted a pic of Kim Kardashian noshing in the nude, then deleted the twitpic when he realized it wasn’t Kim, but porn star Amia Miley. OOPS! Well, the whole thing turned out to be a joke that was just an attempt to get the gossip mill churning. (It worked).

So what else do Amia and Kim K have in common, besides being mistaken for one another? Well, Both Amia and Kim are famous for having sex on film for money, both are brunette, both have appeared on reality shows and…both have fake butts!

Amia Miley before and after butt augmentation:
(Censored Image)

Kim Kardashian before and after butt augmentation:
Kim Kardashian before and after butt augmentation

Another thing that Kim Kardashian and Amia Miley have in common are horrible acting skills. Amia claims to be “furious” over the fact that a naked picture of her has caused all of this attention and that this “leaked” photo has dashed her dreams of becoming a teacher. According to Amia:

“Since I quit doing adult I was planning on becoming a school teacher and now that this photo leaked, my dreams are over!”

This according to the pornstar that eagerly called up TMZ to confirm that the picture in question is indeed her and has accepted interviews from anyone that has asked…Shame on you pranksters that have ruined this young girls dreams of teaching the children of America. Looks like it’s back to the naughty teacher costume instead, Amia!



  • avatar Jay Hood says:

    Damn they ain’t got no ass in the first pics. They look kinda thick in the second set tho. I dunno man, maybe they jus put on a lil weight in da ass department lol. Looks more natural dat way, like da bad chicks I see on Tumblr.

  • avatar shakeara says:

    every1 see her as a ba chick but idont

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