Meet Lacey Wildd.

Censored – Click for picture of Lacey Wildd

Lacey is not only amazingly sexy, but she has dreams and goals too. The 44-year old self described “model” is hoping to soon have her 13th breast enlargement surgery in an attempt to become the woman with the 5th largest boobs in the world. (Why would you want to be 5th? They don’t even recognize 5th place in any sort of competitions that I know about…) Oh, did we mentions that Lacey has kids? Yeah, 6 of them, whose ages range from 5 to 27. And they are all horrified by their mother’s scary plastic surgery and attention-whoring ways.

Paula “Lacey Wildd” Simonds before and after plastic surgery

Lacey claims that she is going to have her 13th breast augmentation surgery in order to provide for her kids since getting MMM implants will “increase my fame and earning power considerably”. That’s funny, since she has spent more on plastic surgery, than she has ever earned “modeling”. In addition to 13 breast augmentation surgeries, Lacey has also had 2 tummy tucks, 4 full-body liposuctions, “ab sculpting” (more liposuction), butt implants, 2 butt lifts, lip implants, filler injections and Botox.

Doctors warn Lacey that the skin around her current implants is extremely thin and if she does enlarge her breasts any more, she risks rupturing her breasts. As in: her breasts will literally rip open and the implants will fall out of her torn skin. So so so sexy (in a horrifying zombie sorta way?). Luckly, Lacey Wildd has her head on straight, so she is preparing herself for her 13th breast enlargement surgery. According to Lacey:

I’ve stopped wearing a bra, so my skin has time to stretch.

Lacey Wildd. Plastic surgery fail.

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  • avatar shelly says:

    it looks like she has an ass on her chest. i wonder if her ass looks like tits. nasty.

  • avatar ltilk says:

    how gross, there is nothing sexy and beautiful about this woma……….

  • avatar lacey wildd says:

    I have to say when your up there with Kim Kardashian, Courtney Cox and so on . Im not going to say fail. Although I have had more surgery than any celeb in the country. I am still the most humble!

    • avatar Lacey Willd's Boobs says:

      Yes, mommy is the most awesomely humble and udderly discreet person in all of Hollywood. She never thinks about herself…only us!

    • avatar bondbabe says:

      Umm…you’re not up “there” with any of them. The names you list, I’ve heard of; I’ve never heard of you. Until now. And now I’m in need of eye bleach to eradicate your image.

      And if you were humble (you clearly don’t know the actual meaning of that word—modest, unassuming, meek, etc.), you wouldn’t be doing EXTREME surgeries!

    • avatar Bill says:

      Lacey, You are so sexy and you look fabulous. Good luck to you and please keep posing. You’re way too sexy and beautiful not to. There are a few negative assholes but most of the world LOVES you.

  • avatar b.s. says:

    omg the facts in this are utterly botched as far as what surgery she has had, her kids ages and the article even fibs by putting words in her childrens’ mouths. This website has never done an interview with any of her children whatsoever just to be clear on that.

  • avatar Bill says:

    I am so hard looking at her. Man, she looks delicious.

  • avatar Decker says:

    Sexy, No! I think that she has a mental disorder.

  • avatar Britney says:

    Bondbabe well you certainly are a step up from the normal comment. You actually know how to spell “you’re.” Congratulations. However surgery has nothing to do with an attitude of humbleness my dear. Surely a smart cookie like you should know. But then again anyone judging someone online in their spare time from an article with many errors and false statements makes me question whether or not I should care about their definitions of humble or anything else for that matter. I also question you being a “babe.” A “babe” with a fulfilling life full of hobbies, work, friends & love wouldn’t be online bashing others. Get a life.

    • avatar Bill says:

      Well said Britney. You also hit on one of my pet peeves – you’re, your, and yore. Most people don’t know the difference between the first two and don’t even know about the third one. Their, they’re and there is the other one most people don’t use correctly.

      Nice to see someone with verbal skills as well as recognizes another woman can do what she wants to make herself sexy. You sound like a package yourself. Congrats.

  • avatar Damon says:

    I think she’d better concentrate any more work on fixing that face and not the boobs. Ugh!

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    Freak!!! Poor kids!!!

  • avatar Classy says:

    I’d be more worried about having a mom that called strangers names. Not setting a good example Cat Woman. What a great human being you are anonymously bashing people online. Glad I’m not related to you.

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    I’m glad you’re not related to me, too, if you think this woman is anything more that a complete wack job!!! My kid would think she is a freak, even before I would have said it! I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are. Sorry, sad and completely unattractive, after what she has done to herself, and what her doctors have done and allowed her to do. PALEEZE, you don’t actually think she is “classy,” do you? Maybe you belong together! I have no doubt she gets all kinds of comments, in her face, each and every day, and so my little analysis is not causing her any pain. She is a human being, and she has the right to deform herself. Apparently there are a handful of men who like what she has done, and may they all find each other and live it up. If she LIVES that is, with the crazy risks she is taking, just to be a freak!!!

  • avatar RyanBaderFan says:

    Damn no one asked for your life story lady. Someone has a lot of time on their hands!! hahahaaha cookoo

  • avatar Superbowlbrian says:

    Watch out guys, vat fight. Clearly this old hag is infatuated with Lacey. Don’t let haters that are jealous and in awe of you bring you down. They’re just bored and have no lives and likely need vaginal rejuvenation. She’s probably mad b/c her husband is drooling over you Lacey lol

  • avatar mike says:

    omg these women look sick and disgusting.
    how can anyone with any sense or in their right mind think these are sexy women?
    they shouldn’t be allowed on tv, or to be models or anything with surgery to enhance anything.

  • avatar John says:

    I’d say child molesters are more sick and disgusting…why care if women are “allowed” to get surgery…the world has bigger things to worry about

  • avatar Cat says:

    She already had implants in the ‘before’ picture.

    It’s up to here what she has done, i’m sure she knows all of the risks involved. I just find it amazing that there are surgeons willing to perform the operations.

  • avatar Renee' Ramlow says:

    does she realize how thin her skin has gotten not to mention how awful that looks. Don’t plastic surgeons have a duty to turn down surgery requests

  • avatar Renae Proffitt says:

    Let me just say this . . . . . you are 44!!!!!! You are old, wrinkled and nasty. You were beautiful, years ago. Would you do the world a favor and grow old gracefully please. People dont admire you now, they laugh. Kids are making fun of your kids for their freak of a mother, do you not care enough about them to try to normal for once? Isn’t it time to let other women step into the spotlight anyway, your time has passed- just sad now.

  • avatar Jamie says:

    So you are in her personal life and know that her kids are being bullied? That was never mentioned anywhere. If you know her personally, take it up with her. Otherwise, don’t like it? Don’t look. Needless to say it is truly ignorant that you think she is asking for any bullying. There is no excuse for bullying for appearances…kind o like you are doing now “Ranae.” Kids that are bullies have low self esteem and will look for ANYONE to bully. Go ahead and post a pic Ranae since you are clearly god’s gift to men, judging by your criticism. Step into the spotlight. lets see if you aren’t “nasty.” I have a hunch you are no Victoria’s Secret model honey.

  • avatar haters says:

    Wow.. It’s so sad to read the hate. You know, I have never understood how others judge people. So many people jump on the keyboard and cast out so much hate. I guess they are sad inside. Looking for someone else to hurt and judge. Lacking something in life. Go outside and get a hobby. Find someone to love. Enjoy things. Spread love no hate. Live and be happy. Seems Lacey is on to something..

  • avatar kim says:

    Lacey could really use some dental work. Having a beautiful smile makes you a lot more beautiful than disgustingly huge breasts. Oh yeah, and a ginormous ass. Does she even look at her face?

  • avatar Bill says:

    Jamie & Haters got it right. I love coming to this board to read all the comments from the losers criticizing others. It’s so easy to be a keyboard jockey in the annonimity of cyberspace. Most of you need to find something else to do with your time to try to be more productive members of society. Lacey looks gorgoeus and most everyone knows it.

  • avatar Why says:

    Why do people care? I can’t believe people are on here commenting on Valentine’s Day. No S.O. I guess?? Why does someone think there is something wrong with her teeth? I met her at a convention and there was nothing wrong with her teeth at all. Perfect and straight. She was such a sweet woman. Online bullies are so sad and certainly not as flawless as they make themselves out to be.

  • avatar WTF says:

    If this article is so stupid and hateful, and nonfactual, then why are you bothering to spend so much time on here defending it? Especially if she’s on to so many bigger and better things right now? I think the video that is at the bottom of the article speaks volumes… if anything is inaccurate, it’s minor details that really don’t change the reality of it all. She wants to be famous for having ridiculously huge fake boobs. And for whoever was trying to say her kids don’t get bullied because of her, maybe that’s true (doubtful) but just watch the video! Her daughter rightfully states that she is humiliated by her mother’s antics and the public’s reaction to her. What this woman is doing is selfish and desperate… she is willing to risk her life and making her children orphans (I mean she doesn’t want to live with regrets of not having even BIGGER fake tits, of course) for the sake of surgically altering herself to become “more attractive”. Which her idea of “attractive” is very distorted, btw. All she is doing is making herself look ridiculous, humiliating her children, for the sake of indulging her “dream”. And I don’t even know what kind of “morals” all of this teaches her children (if you feel inadequate, just surgically alter yourself until you’re “happy”, women are valued on the size of how big their basketball boobs are… just for starters). I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just honest. Trying to defend it with technicalities and criticizing grammatical errors is all you can do because you know it’s true. By the way, if you don’t want people judging you on or criticizing your looks, don’t be a “model”. If you don’t want people judging or speculating on your life, don’t be a “celebrity”. The comments on here are irrelevant anyway, they’re not the ones making her look bad. She is the one who has put herself out there like that. Maybe she should spend less time and money pursuing fame in the name of huge fake boobs (and putting pics of herself rubbing her boobs) and maybe put that money away in a college account for her kids? I mean just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t pursue dreams of her own, and if that’s what she really wants, fine. But don’t pretend that has any kind of positive impact on her kids and that it’s not just completely shallow, ridiculous, and pretty much completely out of touch with reality. Btw, how does just expressing your opinion on a so-called celebrity make you a cyber bully??? No one is tracking her down to harass her or anything. She wanted to be “famous” and for people to notice her and talk about her, and here it is.

  • avatar WTF says:

    By the way, her “before” picture is absolutely stunning. She didn’t need all of that surgery. And to all of her enablers on here defending her, saying the people that comment on here have no life because they spend their time commenting or judging, just let that hypocrisy set in for a minute. Not only are you spending plenty of time if not more on here, you are also casting stones at people and judging, saying that they are probably ugly and blah blah blah. Some people deserve to hear the truth, you can’t protect her forever.

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