Paz De La Huerta And Her Over-Inflated Lips


To be honest, I don’t really know much about Paz De La Huerta. What I do know about her is that she is an actress/model that appears in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”, she often gets wasted before walking the red carpet and she has a seriously bad surgically induced trout pout.

Paz De La Huerta before and after lip augmentation:
Paz De La Huerta before and after lip injections

Paz has one of those faces that is not classically beautiful, but she has a unique look that is quirky and sexy in an unusual way. Well, she HAD a unique look until she decided to destroy her lips with too much filler. Paz is now sporting a trout pout of epic proportions and it simply looks ridiculous. How are are you going to skip wearing makeup and plucking your eyebrows, but get major lip filler injections? (Well, I guess if Paz’s beauty routine is anything like her binge drinking routine, she’s skipping the small stuff and going straight for the gold…)

Paz De La Huerta before and after plastic surgery:Paz De La Huerta before and after plastic surgery

After plastic surgery, Paz just reminds me of a cracked out Megan Fox. Like if Megan Fox stopped wearing make up and started binging on drugs, Paz De La Huerta is what I envision. Also like Megan Fox, it looks like Paz De La Huerta has also had a nose job, but I think those are being handed out to all spoiled rich kids when they graduate from their private schooling institutions nowadays.

Paz De La Huerta drunk on the red carpet:

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