Courtney Cox: When Good Plastic Surgery Goes Bad


Oh man, Courtney Cox has really done it this time. After many years of dipping her toe into the plastic surgery fountain of youth, she has officially dove in head first and surfaced a loser.

Courtney Cox in 2002 and in 2012
Courtney Cox before and after bad plastic surgery

Courtney has talked about her love/hate relationship with plastic surgery and has admitted to “trying” Botox. For a while there, the pretty 48-year old actress was able to maintain that fine line between good and bad plastic surgery. Unfortunately Courtney’s overuse of Botox and facial fillers has caught up with her and she is looking fairly strange as of late. Courtney recently appeared on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ and watching her frozen, stiff face is just awkward.

Courtney Cox and her immobile face on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

In addition to a massive amount of Botox, Courtney has also over-inflated her cheeks and lips with filler. The “pillow cheeks” look horrible, but the lips actually look okay in pictures, as she did not go too big, but when you see those lips flapping around in video, they look stiff and awkward. It kind of makes me wonder if she’s suffering from nerve damage from all of the injectables?

While Courtney’s boob job still looks great, I think she needs to stop injecting stuff into her face. It seems to me that plastic surgeons are over-selling what Botox and filler can really achieve. If Courtney is so inclined to keep fighting this whole aging thing, than she should just pony up for a facelift already. It would look a whole lot more natural than the scary frozen mask that she now is currently sporting. (Personally I would like to see her swear off of plastic surgery altogether, but what are the chances of that happening…)

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  • avatar Gabriel says:

    I think she’s already had a facelift. Her mouth looks different, wider as well as fuller.

  • avatar chiata says:

    she looked so much better before! cant believe what she did

  • avatar Evangelista says:

    Ohmygod I saw the ads for Cougartown on TBS and couldn’t believe it! She looks like one of those “real” housewives…

  • avatar Erin says:

    Right because I’m going to believe all of these “plastic surgery” rumors you’re making up when you can’t even spell her name correctly. It’s CourtEney Cox. And of course she looks different in the two pictures, she’s 38 in one and 48 in the other, that’s a big difference, it doesn’t she’s had any real surgery, other than the common botox and facelift that all hollywood stars get.

    • avatar Ragnar Danneskjold says:

      Hey, who really gives a $hit how the skank spells her name ? How people follow and idolize these buffoons is pitiful. This ditz is simply another insecure dirtleg that sees her looks leaving her and since she’s empty in every other way, she cannot bear the thought of growing old. The people that follow these empty vessels are sadly not much better off. Forget her and all like her and get your own life. These people have nothing to offer you.

  • avatar carla says:

    she’s had something done… go to youtube and watch her talk on “demand a plan”… she looks horrible.. i hope it’s only botox and will wear off…

  • avatar Robert Simon says:

    It’s really sad to see how insecure theses people are, and their constant attempts to regain that youthful look that only blesses the ACTUAL young people. If they could come to grips with that and just gracefully age as the actors of yesteryear did, they would not only look better for it but would not have to walk around with a face that rain could bounce off of. Sad. Remember this…the next time these people use their celebrity for their personal forum in the arena of politics.

  • avatar Robert Simon says:

    Erin….Wake up child..If you can’t determine that her face has been surgically altered, then you really need to examine your phobia of idol worshipping. Does it really matter that her name was not spelled correctly? Did it possibly occur to you that they may not be a FANatic? Who in the [email protected] really cares how the poor, insecure, ditz, spells her name!!

  • avatar Heidi says:

    She is going to be one scary looking old woman very soon

  • avatar Sharon says:

    I just saw her on Jay Leno. It is quite obvious that she lacks total self esteem. I cannot believe that she honestly thinks she looks good. She was lovely before but now she is just plain scary. In years to come these actresses will realize the danger of such procedures and how low their esteem will drop as their faces drop too.

  • avatar john says:

    i’d still do her

  • avatar Pete says:

    I just her on Ellen recently and did she mess up a pretty face. You can so tell she has had a lot of surgery. Sad, she used to be one of my fav’s.

  • avatar Rip Yrdikoff says:

    Hollywood. F*ck it. F*ck it right in the *ss.

  • avatar Barb says:

    It seems like it even affects her pronunciation of certain words. She has the same look that a friend of mine with “work” who married a famous musician has–50’s, trying to look 30’s, and just looking oddly strange and fake.

  • avatar I think she looks great, albeit a little stiff, but once the injection swelling goes down she'll look fabulous! says:

    I think she looks great, albeit a little stiff, but once the injection swelling goes down she’ll look fabulous!

  • avatar Diane says:

    I saw her on Leno too and wondered what was wrong with her face. She really messed up big time. I hope it’s not permanent.

  • avatar Jen says:

    She looks terrible!! Poor thing, I used to love watching cougar town but its so distracting to see her face. Lips are fishy and taut, she can’t laugh or move her face and the cheek fillers are down right strange. Why? Why choose weird over aging?

  • avatar Da Man says:

    The lips between her hips are all I care about. I’d love a go at that.

  • avatar fluffer says:

    She looks like Cher now. No more twinkle. No more personality in her face. She was so cute before. Sad. I miss the old Courtney.

  • avatar Bill says:

    She is looking alot like joan rivers

  • avatar Angelica says:

    Courteney looks horrid. You must all be friggin blind if you can’t see the duck lips, frozen face with no expression. She looks ridiculous. OMG!! Isn’t Jennifer Aniston one of her best friends? She needs to have an intervention with her and tell her to stop already. She doesn’t look younger. She looks all of her 48 years of age. Just a shiny seal look. Yuck.. if people don’t see the difference, get your eyes checked. She looks really bad. Especially those God awful lips. For Gods sake stop it already. Joan Rivers #2!!!!

  • avatar Bill says:

    A lot of jealous bitches visit this sight and it appears some gay boys might be lurking also. Just saying…………

  • avatar truth hurtz says:

    OK all you fools:

    If you think CC could get her role on Cougar Town without the altered looks, you’re an idiot.

    And if you think Joan Rivers would be working as much as she does looking like a 70 year old grandma, once again, you are an idiot.

    This is the sad reality of American Entertainment. Get over it.

  • avatar petey says:

    She reminds me of that lady on bold and the beautiful who plays Taylor the doctor, stunningly beautiful until she fucked her face with surgery. CC would probably look alot hotter if she left her face alone

  • avatar Robert says:

    She looks terrible. Fail!!!

  • avatar gjfodijjgoisjfg says:


  • avatar kiwigirl says:

    Sorry courtney, you facelift is awful. You looked so real and beautiful before

  • avatar DCash says:

    I agree with you.
    Though I was never a huge fan I respected her natural beauty. To see someone with her natural attractiveness go out and basically deform herself intentionally is really hard to see. There are others who have don the same thing. Actress on CSI Miami plaving Calli Duquaine or even Dana Delaney’s sister. This lip/cheek combo that sometimes includes a brow lift dramatically altars the essence of a woman’s face. These women are all beautiful. Once they start f***ing around with the delicate balance of their beauty, they can never get it back again. … it’s such a shame.

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