Woman Nearly Loses Baby After Having A Tummy Tuck


At the age of 27, Laura O’Donnell of Wales decided that she wanted to get back into shape after giving birth to four children, which she did the old-fashioned way – with diet and exercise. However, when she was left with unsightly excess skin caused by the sudden weight loss, she decided that a tummy tuck was in order. Who would have thought that the decision to get plastic surgery would put the life of her fifth child at risk? You might want to heed this woman’s horrifying warning if you plan to have children after undergoing a tummy tuck.

Laura opted for a tummy tuck in 2009 to regain her flat stomach, after assuring the plastic surgeon that she wasn’t planning on having any more children. In addition to ridding Laura of the excess skin then, the surgeon also tightened her flabby stomach muscles, giving her the washboard stomach she wanted. As nature would have it though, Laura became pregnant with her fifth child a year later, to both her surprise and pleasure. Remember when she told the plastic surgeon she wasn’t going to have any more kids though? Eighteen weeks into her pregnancy, Laura was told that her unborn baby was essentially being crushed because her stomach muscles were too tight.

In order to save his life, doctors delivered baby Blake via emergency C-section ten weeks premature – weighing in at 3 pounds, 13 ounces – and after four weeks in special care, the baby miraculously survived. In addition to causing premature labor, Laura’s cosmetic surgery procedure also caused one of her kidneys to fail. Laura O’Donnell has decided to use her harrowing plastic surgery experience as an opportunity to warn women of all ages about the dangers of even simple procedures, like tummy tucks, especially if they plan to become pregnant later in life. “Looking back, I cannot believe that my vanity could have killed my son. He almost died because of my desire for cosmetic surgery,” Laura says.

Laura O’Donnell and baby Blake:
Laura O'Donnell and lucky baby Blake

If nothing else, Laura O’Donnell’s terrifying plastic surgery experience will hopefully raise awareness about the dangers of cut-rate cosmetic surgery, and the potential long-term consequences of procedures like tummy tucks. As Laura says, when she became pregnant, “there was no way to let out the tummy tuck because all the excess skin and muscle had been removed.” When she hit 18 weeks, Laura realized that she wasn’t developing a “baby bump,” and she also felt sick and experienced constant stomach pain. When she was finally called in for tests, doctors discovered that Laura’s baby was pushing down instead of out against the unforgiving stomach muscles, and had essentially squashed her right kidney, causing it to stop working. “The surgeon in Prague had tightened my abdominal muscles so much that they didn’t have the give to push out with a developing baby,” Laura recalled.

After undergoing a risky but necessary kidney operation, Laura became so ill that she almost died. Then, at 26 weeks, she went into premature labor and was given steroids to delay it. Doctors were only able to hold the labor off for so long though, and ultimately had to tear through Laura’s tummy tuck stitches to deliver Blake via emergency C-section. Because he was so premature, Blake’s lungs hadn’t developed properly and he was unable to breathe on his own. Blake was fortunate to survive, and Laura was lucky that her desire for a flat stomach didn’t kill her baby. “My baby almost died because of my tummy tuck,” Laura says. “A flat tummy would be too high a price for losing my child.” Hopefully, every woman would agree.

Laura O'Donnell with four of her five children

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  • avatar cc says:

    surely she didn’t plan on having another baby after having a tummy tuck, that would be dumb and defeat the whole purpose.

    also the chances of having 5 healthy pregnancies is quite rare, lots of people have miscarriages and premature babies, it’s just a fact of life.

  • avatar Torgster says:

    Stupid twit. Her baby didn’t almost die because she had a tummy tuck! Her stupidity in not following doctors instructions to not have more kids is what almost did him in. Jeez some people are idiots.

  • avatar LeadFoot says:

    Torgster: accidental pregnancies DO happen – every day! Maybe you should think twice before calling someone a stupid twit and an idiot. My last son was not planned. We were both VERY surprised to discover I was pregnant. Despite many health issues and hospitilizations, he was the biggest kiddo I had AND the most expensive (no the gov’t did not pay for him, we paid it ALL). So, PLEASE don’t be so hasty to judge people and call them names. Thank God both Laura AND baby Blake are alive and well.

  • avatar BJ says:

    Hi Laura! I’m so sorry this happened to you but thank God you both are ok! I’m in a similar situation. I had a tummy tuck back in 2007. My dr told me that I could not get pregnant with the way he tightened my muscles. I too, did not plan on having anymore children. Well, things changed & my husband and I both wanted to try and have another(doing extensive Internet research about pregnancies after tummy tucks and found it very safe!) Well I was 5 weeks pregnant and just had a miscarage. Could not figure out why, I’ve had 3 completely healthy pregnancies & babies! After reading your article, I do believe the tummy tuck is the reason for my miscarage. I’ve had constant, slight pain, in my stomach the whole time I was pregnant. I don’t think I could put myself through this emotional pain again with trying to have another one and we get the same result. I wish I had read this story before hand. Please try to promote your story so that women could read this so we can be more aware. Thank you and God Bless!

    • avatar Monica Woodbury says:

      I’m 4 years after a tummy tuck , 26 weeks in…. This is no joke. Pregnancy is way more difficult after a tt. I’ve had a ton of pain. My boy is down low hitting my cervix. I’m having lightning. My mucus plug is coming out n chunks…. This is my 7th child. Never had this much problem. Breathing seems like I’m doing it more. I’m barely showing, but he shows me what my insides feel like. I find myself lying on my back trying to spread my legs apart, belly arched. He makes me yelp. Or ill get on my chest and knees, to make him get away from my cervix. I get major pains on my left and right sides of my pelvis depending on were he’s sleeping ( so I move to other side, cause this mucles can put me in tears) I’m not a stranger to pain, I can deal with a lot.. my kids were all born natural except my son Gabe who was c-section. Last daughter who is four now, all natural against Dr.s orders. I thought I was done. But now this hurts, and I’m pretty sure I’m having a premature baby. There’s not a lot of room, and he’s already busting into my cervix. I’m still working when I can manage the energy. But now, since I lost my mucus plug part, not sure if I should go back. I don’t have a regular Ob. Because the ones in town say they have to many January babys, won’t take me, so I’ve been going to e.r every 4 weeks, tomorrow I’m supposed to go. I will be going early in morning. But they don’t know much about my situation, I try to tell them, but they don’t listen. I seen another girl that was having major complications to, she delivered like 27weeks. I knows its high risk because of one c-section already, and some scar tissue, I had previa placenta already with my son. In now at the e.r. it hard enough for me to make sure I get my work ups. I’m glad my boy is active,but pain…. Did you have any of this? I don’t think enough ppl post there real experience, cause from what I’m reading, it just some tug n pole, sunshine n rainbows. For me its getting really painful, and now starting to show early signs of premature birthing still having Braxtons a lot. Two -3 last half n hour….. I don’t want to go threw 39 weeks of this Grrr…… For anyone getting a tummy tuck, I suggest getting tied. No more babies, cause some may have a great pregnancy after tt, or you could be like me or the other girl having some real issue. So beware…. You can reach me at [email protected] , I have no problem of answering questions….

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