Heidi Montag Blames Liposuction For Giving Her Cellulite


Remember Heidi Montag? You know, the once pretty reality show girl that completely destroyed her face, body and any hope of actually becoming a real star by having more then 10 plastic surgeries in her early 20’s? Well, sheeeeeee’s baaaaaccckkkkk. Heidi recently sold an interview to InTouch Magazine whining about getting cellulite and blaming her dead plastic surgeon.

Heidi Montag in a bikini in Las Vegas

According to Heidi, she regrets every last plastic surgery that she’s had, but liposuction is her biggest regret. Months after Heidi had liposuction on her thighs, the paparazzi took photos of her on set in Los Angeles, and one grainy photo showed what appeared to be cellulite on Heidi’s thighs.

Heidi Montag’s cellulite:
Heidi Montag showing cellulite in 2010

The funny thing is that she looked perfectly fine in the hundred other photos taken that one day in 2010. But are we really surprised that one bad photo out of a hundred would make Heidi Montag so insecure that she no longer wears shorts years later? This girl is either genuinely crazy, or still just shilling for attention and tabloid money.

As for liposuction being Heidi’s #1 plastic surgery regret, we have to disagree. The Michael Jackson nose job is far worse in our opinion…

Heidi Montag's Michael Jackson nose job

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  • avatar Lola says:


    Never change !

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    You lost me at “once pretty”, and I say that because of who she at least seems to be as a person.

  • avatar old lady says:

    well..of course let’s see how she ages…what is the maintenance required from all those surgeries she had? As the body ages….doesn’t it sag?? She think she wasted millions before…she had better find $$$$ for the maintenance (sagging) for the next few years. Implants need replacing in what 10 years, if you are lucky!!

  • avatar Bill says:

    She sure looks gorgeous. The surgeries have only magnified her beauty.

  • avatar nah says:

    Lumpy scar tissue from lipo really could look like cellulite, so maybe that is true. Either way, since time has passed since her surgeries she is looking better. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get any more…

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