WTF Happened to Selena Gomez’s Face?!


Selena Gomez recently walked the purple carpet at the premiere of “Katy Perry: Part of Me”, and Selena’s new look left us scratching our heads. WTF happened to Selena Gomez’s face?!

Selena Gomez then and now:
Selena Gomez before and after plastic surgery

It looks like Selena gained 30 lbs, but after a body check, it’s only her face that looks to have gained fullness, which is very unusual to occur naturally. The 19-year old actress’s cheeks look inflated, which could indicate that she is using injectible fillers to alter her face. Normally, we would think that a 19-year old Hollywood darling would certainly NOT be having plastic surgery, but sadly, plastic surgery in your teens (especially in Hollywood) is become quite commonplace. Selena began her Hollywood makeover with lip plumping injections, so you can’t help but wonder if more plastic surgery is the reason for her fuller face.

Selena Gomez bad plastic surgery

What do you think? Has Selena Gomez had plastic surgery, or has she simply gained weight? Maybe she is pregnant with a Bieber baby and her hormones are out of whack, but something is up with her face…

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  • avatar Enrique Nunez says:

    Selena would not do that she just decided to gain weight thats all.

  • avatar Enrique Nunez says:

    I am the same guy and dont know her but sure she did decidednto eat more after her time she whent to the hospital after the tonight show

  • avatar Natalija says:

    I think it’s more likely that she has her period. My eyes get tired and my face looks puffy. My face always looks overweight at that time but I don’t experience any bodily bloating. I think this is an unfair accusation. She is young, as am I, and faces change dramatically during the course of a monthly cycle, especially when your body is still changing.

  • avatar Anon says:

    I read somewhere it was due to drinking and partying; bloating.

  • avatar Mark Walberg says:

    Honestly she looks the same, the before photo has the hair over part of her jawline so it does give the illusion of thinner but I’m just not seeing it. I need more than a photo os someone squinting to say they have gained weight or become asian. I call false alarm. And come on where is the coverage of octomom porn, I am shocked if her breasts are real!

  • avatar Rach says:

    Face bloating is a common side effect of taking birth control. Perhaps that is what explains Selena’s current “look”.

    • avatar taketwo says:

      AhHa! I think you might be right. I’m a true Selena fan and I begun to notice puffness in her face sometime back but I thought it was just a poor picture. But other times her face looked okay. She is defintely gaining weight around her mid-section. I hope she isn’t pregnant and it’s just the birth control pills. I’ve also noticed that when she is alone and isn’t aware her picture is being taken she looks kind of depressed.God I hope she is okay.

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    I don’t know any of her work – only her face – which I always thought was incredibly cute, which is rare for me to think about anyone. Hope she’s just growing up rather than messing up.

  • avatar nikki says:

    she gained some weight…thats how i am…the first place weight shows on me is my face

  • avatar jay says:

    she probably had an allergy or was under the effect of some sort of medication or maybe she just gained weight

  • avatar Elle says:

    OMG Really now? Plastic surgery rumors? The girl looks amazing!

  • avatar selena says:

    i think she use solarium, or sunbathing too much. so she look like tired. the picture of then is look like white skin. but now she is bronz.

  • avatar urgh! says:

    Maybe she was sick? I have the flu and my face has bloated so much that I no longer have defined cheekbones ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar liza says:

    come on people its 4 years between the photos of course her looks will change !! Besides her head looks bigger to me and who the hell gets plastic surgery for the head ?? i think that the dark pink lips and the make up also plays a big role, annd maybe she used a lipliner….personally i dont think that these two pics especially prove anything…and i dont even care about her, but these accusations are just to out of control…

  • avatar jen says:

    you people are blind, I think she did something to her face, it’s especially noticeable in her lips, and her cheeks look strange to me as well. Check out this recent interview of hers, and judge for yourselves.

  • avatar candace says:

    You guys need to keep up with the headlines. Selena is obviously trying to gain weight because of ther upcoming movie “Parental Guidance” where she plays a pregnant woman! Are you guys living under a rock?

  • avatar me says:

    Guys, she’s not fat, she’s not pregnant, and she’s not sick. It’s for her upcoming movie. Plus, her chubby cheeks are so cute. :3

  • avatar chelsea says:

    selena has definilety had botox you can see when she`s smiling she`s trying to hard and guys don`t forget that she already had her lips injected with botox

  • avatar loveee says:

    I truly despise people who worry so much about an actress’s weight. Selena doesn’t look bad whatsoever on her “Now” photo.

  • avatar darling says:

    I bet it’s birth control…

  • avatar Andrea says:

    I think she gained weight because she’ll be playing a pregnant teen in her new movie. I think she still looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar Karen says:

    She grew older. That happens.

  • avatar EyeRoller says:

    What fucking idiots. If you post pictures of a girl 5-6 years ago there’s bound to be differences from then and now.

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    Considering she has the auto immune disease, lupus, I am positive it’s the side effect of the medication prednisone. Every one who has a flare up has to take high does of it, and it causes moon face. Look it up.

  • avatar nah says:

    She didn’t have anything done except lip injections later. In these pics she just looks different bc of a tan and bloating.

  • avatar Jessica Perez says:

    @eyeroller I agree with you. I would believe them if it was 1 week apart but it’s 5-6 years apart. But also selena gomez and justin bieber has sex so it could have been the birth control pills.

  • avatar Cat says:

    Selena is a troubled young lady and I think she is listening to all the wrong people in her life. Her eyebrows appear slightly lifted in both pictures and there seems to be some disparaging between her expression and the lack of muscular creasing in her forehead – I am truly hoping this is not because of botox, which would be a short step after lip fillers.

    Other than that, she appears to be filling out into a more womanly shape as she grows up and this may be why her face appears fuller and her chin more pointed. I just hope that it is the angle of the photos and nothing else, she is very young and rather sweet – she really doesn’t need to go down the fillers or surgery route.

  • avatar Tina says:

    It’s called drug bloat. It’s happens in so many ways…pick your poison. Heroin, Coke, OxyContin, Methadone, Alcohol, Bupenorphine, Anti-Depressants like Lexapro, Anti-Anxiety pills like Klonopin. Any one of those drugs would cause a significant amount of bloat. No girl on her period gets that bloated! No one! If a girl did became so severely bloated in the face from menstruation it would require immediate medical attention for underlying conditions like P.C.O.S. The average amount of water weight gain during a cycle is 1-3 lbs. and it’s NOT all in your cheeks. In fact most of it goes directly to the belly and the rest into the breasts. Come on!
    Just google “drugs that bloat your face” and see for yourself.

  • avatar Candice says:

    Was this picture taken before or after her kidney transplant? She is probably taking prednisone, a lifelong steroid medication taken after transplants that causes face puffiness and weight gain. Lupus is also treated w similar medications at times. It could be medications.

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