Bruce Jenner And His Sexy New Trout Pout


Does anyone remember when Bruce Jenner was a manly athlete and had his face plastered on boxes of Wheaties? Granted, Bruce Jenner’s athletic peak was in the 70’s, before most of us were born, but he was a badass that kicked butt at the Montreal Olympics and won a gold medal for the decathlon. Do you think during that time it ever crossed his mind that he would become a plastic surgeried puppet for a troop of fame hungry Armenians? It sounds like the plot to a crappy sci-fi movie, but sadly it has become Bruce’s reality.

Bruce, who is in his early 60’s, has already had a nose job and two facelifts, with the most recent facelift being a gift from his step-daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. We think that the plastic surgery that the former athlete (who, by the way, is now listed as a “socialite” in Wikipedia…haha…WTF?!) has had, has totally feminized his face and looks horrible. We really didn’t think it could get much worse, but low and behold, Bruce Jenner has recently had his lips surgically “enhanced”. Really, Bruce? Lip plumping injections?!

Bruce Jenner before and after lip plumping injections:Bruce Jenner Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery

Is Bruce’s “sexy” new pout another gift from the Kardashians? Are they planning on giving him a boob job for his birthday this year? I swear that they just stand by and laugh at the poor guy when he takes their advice. I would imagine that those god-awful diamond stud earrings that Bruce wears are just another ill-advised Kardashian fashion tip.

Bruce Jenner before and after lip augmentation:Bruce Jenner Had Lip Plumping Injections

Bruce’s plumped up pout isn’t as inflated as, say, the enormous trout pout that Kris Jenner mysteriously woke up with, but I think it looks equally ridiculous. There are several things that I think look silly on a man, and lip injections probably tops that list. What do you think? Does Bruce Jenner look sexy or silly with his new lips?

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  • avatar CHUCK 67 says:

    Well his entrie family had had mutiple surgies, why not him?

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    What really bugs me is the nose job. It has been cut down into nothing. He didn’t need work done on it in the first. place. He just needs to get out of that family. They will bring anyone down.

  • avatar Ashle Michele says:

    he looks like an old lesbian

  • avatar old lady says:

    wow…he does look like a woman (I do not want to insult old lesbian women)…maybe that is the look he is looking for. Who knows what kind of lifestyle people have at home…you know what I mean?

  • avatar Rob MIT says:

    I don’t think he needed to admit to the obvious.

  • avatar Hugh Jarmes says:

    You say the name is Bruce Jenner ? … Wow .. don’t you rather mean “JENNA BRUCE” ??

    Seriously though, it’s all mighty sad if you ask me… unless of course he really did intend for a female look… in which case .. Congrats, mission accomplished !

  • avatar laugh says:

    i heard thru the grapevine years ago that he really wants to be a woman.

  • avatar Melinda says:

    “the 70′s, before most of us were born…” That’s pretty narcissistic and myopic.

    But anyway, it’s obvious he wants to become a woman.

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