Lady Gaga Before and After Lip Augmentation


Lady Gaga recently posted the picture below to her Twitter account, where she is blowing a kiss goodnight to her fans in Melbourne:

Lady Gaga blowing a kiss to Melbourne

The picture of the pretty pop star has garnered more attention than Lady Gaga had expected as rumors swirl about her inflated-looking lips. Did she get plastic surgery to plump up her lips?! Well, yes, of course she did, but this is nothing new…Lady Gaga has been getting lip injections to increase the size of her pucker for years.

Lady Gaga before and after lip injections:
Lady Gaga before trout pout lip injections

Lip filler injections typically last 6 months to a year, depending on what type of filler is used, so it is possible that Lady Gaga recently topped up her lips, but the lip augmentation is not a new thing for her. Quite honestly, I don’t think Lady Gaga looks trout pout-y and I think her plastic surgeon has done a nice job on her lips. They look fuller, but just the right size to remain believable.

Lady Gaga before and after inflating her lips with injectable filler:Lady Gaga before and after lip injections

Want to see more of Stefani Germanotta before she was Lady Gaga (and before she had plastic surgery)? Check her out when she was on the MTV Show “Boiling Point” in 2005:

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  • avatar Crack Rocks says:

    Her lips aren’t augmented. If you look closely, especially in the first photo, you can see that she has drawn them on with lip liner or makeup. In the second comparison, it isn’t quite as drastic but, again, they are drawn on to make them more pronounced. I don’t think she’s had anything done besides a nose job.

  • avatar Alukeny says:

    She was not born this way.

  • avatar aryn says:

    With the before and after pictures, it’s very obvious that she puts lipstick on the outside of her lip line. ‘-.-

  • avatar gagamonster says:

    the before – after pic is bullshit …I met her that day or let’s say when that picture was taken and standing right in front of her it was obvious that she put the lipstick on the outside of the lip ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • avatar Gaga's Number One Fan says:

    Hey… i dont think Gaga did… I mean I know she puts lip stick on the outside of her lip line… and the one where she is blowing a kiss .. she is OBVIOUSLY puckering her lips… plus lipstick on the outside… plus we dont know if she used any lip plump gloss.. The really good kinds work…
    Well Love you Gaga ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • avatar Michael Jahera says:

    They r temporary! its for Machete kills (movie she is tarring in)

  • avatar Tom says:

    Just looks like lipstick overdrawn to me.

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