Chelsea Charms Has The Worlds Largest Breasts. And They’re Still Growing!


Chelsea Charms and her gigantic breastsMost people carry their extra weight in their belly, butt or thighs. Not Chelsea Charms though. The 5’3″ adult film star and exotic dancer bears an extra 52 pounds on her petite frame…and it’s all in her boobs. Unofficially known as the woman with the world’s largest boobs, Chelsea sports a pair of knockers that could literally knock you out, and get this, she has nicknamed them “itsy” and “bitsy.” In 2000, Chelsea Charms, now 35, had her breasts enlarged by means of a now-illegal procedure in which polypropylene string was implanted into each of her breasts. The material, which resembles a ball of yarn, essentially irritates the breast lining and creates a serum that works to expand the breasts, a process that could potentially continue indefinitely. Chelsea’s boob job expanded her cup size to a staggering (and ironic) 164XXX, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. According to Chelsea, “most of the other girls who have had this procedure have stopped [growing] at some point, so I’m just waiting for that to happen.”

We know what you’re thinking. Why ever would she want her boobs to stop growing!? Besides their hideously indecent size, Chelsea’s melons also seem to make daily life difficult for the porn star. Chelsea has revealed that she has trouble eating, sleeping comfortably and, go figure, fitting into airplane bathrooms. She also has to exercise regularly in order for her small frame to support the gargantuan breasts, each of which weighs approximately the same as a large watermelon. Although fellow porn star, Maxi Mounds, holds the official Guinness Record for the world’s largest breasts, it seems that a simple phone call could change all that. When asked why she hasn’t sought official recognition for her massive boobs, Chelsea replied simply, “They haven’t called!” Although Chelsea plans to eventually have the polypropylene removed and her breasts reduced, the porn star’s boobs are currently growing at an impressive rate of one inch per month.

For some unknown reason, the porn star appeared on the daytime talk show “This Morning” last year, which immediately prompted fiery Twitter comments from viewers saying things like, “Chelsea Charms is deluded…and disgusting.” Chelsea, however, finds her jumbo-sized boobs to be…womanly. And, even though cosmetic surgery was primarily responsible for Chelsea’s growing breasts, nature may still have had a little something to do with it, says Chelsea, who believes that being involved in the adult porn industry has helped her breasts remain firm. “If I hadn’t spent my youth in a continual state of excitement, I would probably have stepped on my own breasts [by now]. But that didn’t happen.” Instead of stepping on them, she just has to work extra hard to keep from toppling over with every step she takes. One word – WTF?!

More pictures of Chelsea Charms and her back-breaking record-breaking breasts:

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