Kate Hudson: Better Before or After Breast Implants?


Kate Hudson surprised us all when she decided to have plastic surgery to increase the size of her famously flat chest. Kate quietly had the breast augmentation in 2010, and even though she chose a conservatively sized breast implant, her new curves hardly went unnoticed.

Kate Hudson before and after breast implants:
Kate Hudson before and after breast implants

Initially, I thought that the new and “improved” Kate looked great with her small, natural-looking breast implants, but now that time has passed…I miss the old Kate Hudson! You know, the Kate that seemed so down-to-earth and real, in a sea full of Hollywood brats and plastic princesses? We’ll cut Kate some slack since she did at least wait until after she had kids to have plastic surgery, she chose the right size implant to fit her petite frame and they look completely natural (thankfully Kate didn’t suffer from any visible complications, like poor Cameron Diaz did!), but looking back, we secretly wish that Kate was still that flat-chested confident boho chick that would have never even entertained the idea of getting plastic surgery.

What do you think? Does Kate look better with, or without, breast implants?

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  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    I totally agree with you! She looked fabulous flat chested and she was unique. I just hope Gwen Stafani never gets implants.

    • avatar Lola says:

      Gwen already has implants !! lol

      • avatar Lily says:

        No, she doesn’t. Gwen’s breasts got slightly bigger after having her first child. It’s obvious her breasts are natural.

        • avatar Lola says:

          Stop stanning her – she got implants. I love the woman, aint no shame in plastic surgery. She’s a very smart woman and a great entrepreneur.

          Honey. She had those implants before getting pregnant. Please research online and stop being ignorant 🙂 – or are you going to contribute that to a bit of weight gain ? Please explain to me how everything else is toned and flat while her boobs grew bigger.

          Are you going to also deny that she got rhinoplasty, botox and restylane fillers ? She’s in her thirties. Makeup and good genes only do so much.

          Just because they look subtle and realistic does not mean they are real (Kate Hudson is another subtle one). There are good plastic surgeons out there JSYK, not all of them are butchers who give out the fake look.

          Again – there is no shame in getting plastic surgery. No one can buy beauty – but they sure as hell can enhance their appearance !

          • Gwen Stefani is actually in her 40’s (!!). And she looks damn good. Wish we knew who her plastic surgeon is!

            • avatar Lily says:

              Honey, I have done research,and she did not have those boobs before she got pregnant. They are too soft and mushy to be implants. Gwen’s boobs are real. Kate’s implants are that much bigger than Gwen’s, and they still look fake. They have a “firmness” to them that Gwen’s do not have. Gwen’s are real. I will not deny that Gwen had rhinoplasty, since your nose doesn’t get smaller after childbirth, also, she’s had her nose job for years. There’s nothing wrong with surgery, but it’s obvious Gwen’s breasts are natural and Kate’s aren’t.

  • avatar Elaine says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the fact that Kate and Cameron Diaz both dated baseball player Alex Rodriguez. It’s not a secret that while dating them, he pressured them to get implants as he (notoriously) loves his women blonde, super-fit, and big-boobed.

    Kate looked amazing pre-job. That guy is pox.

  • avatar Anna says:

    Down to earth and real? Kate Hudson? She has one of the ugliest nose jobs in Hollywood!

  • avatar Zoe says:

    Why don’t you talk about the nose job she had early in her career?

  • avatar Bill says:

    You need a magnifying glass to see her implants if she got them. Hell, with those tiny things shy bother?

    • avatar Lola says:

      You REALLY love breast implants. Comment on every breast implant article in such a vile perverted way.

      Its time you get yourself some breast implants.

      • avatar Bill says:

        Lola, it’s not unusual for you to get things wrong. I don’t love implants but I know women look better with bigger boobs than smaller ones. So if you’re weren’t naturally blessed then there is no shame in getting the look you want. I also know that I’m in the majority of people. Therefore the silent majority needs a voice to stand up to Hollywood and jealous women who constantly tell busty women to cut their tits off and tell the flat ones “Oh, don’t go so big”. Jealously is a horrible trait to have to live with, I wish you well in coping with it.

        • avatar Kerry says:

          That is only YOUR opinion… I much prefer small breasts, and I’ve asked most guys I know about it….. I would say to them, “Although larger breasts my look okay, when you finally settle down with someone, would you prefer they have Large breasts or small…. and without fail, every one of them replied SMALL…. [it even surprised me!] But guys are just looking at large breasted women cause they think they will have a better chance at getting Sex that night…. But once they are looking for a serious, long term partner,…. Every guy I asked wanted a woman with smaller breasts.

          • avatar Bill says:

            Yes, it is MY opinion and millions and millions more men and women. Why do you think most everybody loves big tits unless you’re gay or the jealous female type. I admit there are some who like tiny titted women but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Have you ever been with a large breasted woman? There is no comparison. One is like playing with your brother and the other……………well you know. Anyway, I don’t know why you’re whining so much – she still has nothing up there like most of the Hollywood types.

            • avatar WTF says:

              Bill you are so funny. If someone doesn’t like something, you call them jealous. So I guess since you don’t like small tits, I’m going to have to assume you are just jealous of small tits. Maybe you got some big old man titties or something? Jealous of the smaller ones?? LOL.. Jealousy is an ugly trait, Bill! However I wish you well in your life of lusting after women that look like aging strippers with rock hard G-cup implants.

            • avatar WTF says:

              btw… why would anyone be jealous of big fake tits? Anyone that wants them can go and get them.

  • avatar Kerry says:

    I was so disappointed when Kate Hudson had breast surgery. She has turned herself into a TERRIBLE ROLE MODEL for young women. She has sent out the message that even if you have Looks, Fame, Money and Great Legs, and overall Great Body, none of it matters, unless you have Larger Breasts! What kind of message is that to send out to the small breasted women who looked up to you? Kate… You used to look SO Fantastic, and the small breasts were my favorite feature! There are SO MANY of us MEN that love small breasted women, and it’s getting more and more difficult to find one!! Because they believe the LIE that all men like large breasts! I think you have only managed to put more pressure on Small Breasted women, where as before, you told them “They looked great, just the way they were.”!

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