Did Kristen Stewart Get A Boob Job?!


Several news sources have themselves in a tizzy over Kristen Stewart and photos of her that reveal what appears to be new breast implants!

Kristen Stewart before and after breast implants?
Kristen Stewart Boob Job

So did she or didn’t she? Did Kristen Stewart get a boob job?! Well, let’s rewind here for a sec…

Kristen Stewart attended the Comic Con convention in San Diego over the weekend, and wore a super cute outfit: high-waisted yellow pencil skirt with cut-off plain white tee (plus barely visible black bra) and high top sneakers. Of course paparazzi were shooting Kristen like crazy and of the thousands of photos that where shot of the Twilight actress, one candid photo, caught in the right light and at the right angle, appeared to show the actress with slightly larger breasts than normal…OMG SHE GOT A BOOB JOB!

Uh, or not.

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery

After reviewing the full set of photos of Kristen at Comic Con, you would have to be an idiot to say that Kristen got a boob job. She looks exactly the same as she did before. So to answer the question: Did Kristen Stewart get a boob job?! Nope. Kristen Stewart is still au natural and looks fabulous in our opinion!

More pictures of Kristen Stewart at Comic Con:

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  • avatar Shamone says:

    Nah, doubt it. If she was going to get a boob job, she’d have made them a little bigger than that. Just looks like a really good push-up bra.

  • avatar DT says:

    she is wearing a push-up bra?=.=

  • avatar RobThom says:

    A beautiful girl.

    Shame she seems to be such a dummy and tramp.

    I wouldn’t put it past her mangling herself when her first smile lines start to show.

  • avatar Simey Smiles says:

    Well does it really matter? If she’s happy? but please explain, is she ever really acting? I just see the same sultry expression 100/100/100. It began in Panic Room. Its still the same look. every movie. Every scene. Maybe she and Keanu could hitch up and produce a Ken or Barbie doll child.

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