Zooey Deschanel Debuts Bad Plastic Surgery at Teen Choice Awards


Over the weekend, Zooey Deschanel attended the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, and she looked, well…unusual? Zooey, who was a nominee for “Choice Female Fashion Icon”, was dressed is a drab blue Monique Lhuillier dress, which she paired with boring black pumps. But, even worse than her outfit, was her face! It’s pretty obvious that the 32-year old actress has recently had a little plastic surgery, and the results aren’t that flattering, if you ask us.

Zooey Deschanel before and after plastic surgery:
Zooey Deschanel Plastic Surgery

Zooey’s lips have recently been injected with filler and she’s sporting a much puffier pout than she used to have. In addition to the new lips, Zooey looks like she’s also had filler injections in her cheeks and what appears to be a botched Botox job. Her normally adorable face seems awkward and her usually pretty smile looks forced and unnatural.

Looks like Zooey may have been feeling a little insecure about looking her age at the Teen Choice awards and went a bit overboard with the plastic surgery, a little too soon before the event! In addition to the Botox and filler, Zooey has also had rhinoplasty surgery, but that was a couple of years back, and it actually looks quite well done! (She should’ve quit while she was ahead…)

Zooey Deschanel before and after nose job surgery:
Zooey Deschanel before and after nose job

After seeing Zooey Deschanel’s latest result after dabbling with plastic surgery, I think she needs to swear off of the Botox and filler. She’s starting to remind me of plastic surgery disaster Rose McGowan

More pictures of Zooey Deschanel at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards:

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  • avatar Elaine says:

    Oh good god, I would’ve never recognized who she was. WHY? She looks like a heavily botoxed Ellen Page.

  • avatar Chris says:

    Are you sure she had her lips done? It looks to me that she just enlarged her lips by going over the lines with lipstick. I can see her perfect “bow lips” below the lipstick line. Her cheeks looks the same to me. And her nose looks nice.

  • avatar Disappointed says:

    Ridiculous. Why would you get really obvious PS if you already looked beautiful naturally? That botox glow is far worse than a couple microscopic lines. Has she never heard of powder or face cream?

  • avatar Mark Walberg says:

    This makes me very sad. To 90% of the women of the world: You don’t need it and if you are one a famous list of sexy and attractive people then you need it less. The 10% that do need it have usually survived violence and accidents.

  • avatar chris says:

    she still is a cute girl either way but i really like her b4 better but the ohter pics dont look like lips were done at all

  • avatar Trillian says:

    well, to me it looks like she has heavier make up on than normal and is squinting slightly in the sun. THE HORROR

  • avatar ibivi says:

    She had a perfectly lovely face before getting it altered. Very sad that young women with the means are being botoxed and opting for plastic surgery. It totally sends the wrong message to young girls about accepting themselves as they are. Shame on the greedy doctors who perform these procedures too!

  • avatar Fighter says:

    It’s ovbious her lips look different cos of too much lipstick, trying to make her lips look bigger wich wasn’t a good call.

    Other than that, differences in lighting on different pictures, hairstyle, pose, expression, and being tired/having an off day/slight weight variations, there’s really no basis to say she’s had “botched” plastic surgery and that’s going way too far.

    She looks a bit odd in the after pic in the first set but almost identical as her before picture on the second set.

  • avatar Mark Walberg says:

    Okay, so I will admit I have a crush on her. So I have examined the evidence and heard the testimony of the commenters and I’m going to say if you look at the very last photo of her in the blue dress the difference isn’t that big. It really just looks like shit lighting and you know what most everybody looks shit in lighting that leaves no shadows to contour the face.

  • avatar penelope says:

    wow! she looks like another person. what was once an adorable and youthfully charming face is now harsh and aged. and that certain indefinable quality that set her apart is gone.

  • avatar Mel says:

    Do you have proof. Cos if you don’t its kind of defaming is it not..
    Should you not substantiate your claims..
    Or is the law safeguarding you “profession” so loose as to allow such a “story”
    All those hidden insults and catty comments
    How do you sleep at night
    I’d say you should sleep well knowing Zooey prob does not give a monkey’s

  • avatar DannyJude says:

    Why do so many celebrities think they look better with a pointy nose? Show biz – friggin’ weird.

  • avatar Lea says:

    This article is complete blasphemy. Zooey has never had any plastic surgery, if anything it’s a little thing called make-up and lighting. And unlike certain celebs, her nose actually fits her face.

  • avatar *sigh* says:

    Never got her hype to start with. I think The Happening poisoned me against her, and from then she was tainted by its awfulness in my eyes.

  • avatar Lae says:

    Seeing her on the New Girl season premiere the other day, I almost didn’t recognize her. Something is up with her lips, for sure, but I didn’t pay much attention to her nose… if it’s bad makeup, Fox should fire that makeup artist STAT. And if it’s plastic surgery, someone should smack the idiot who convinced her she needed work done.

  • avatar meta says:

    Zooey looks totally awkward in her new fuller lips.
    Hope she lets them deflate and DOES NOT get them
    puffed up again.

  • avatar Tina G says:

    I disagree with this “botox” filler claim. I know when I’m about to start my period, I swell up the same could be said in this case. She doesn’t look like she was injected with anything, she just looks fuller to me. She could be retaining water, not everything has to do with “surgery”.

  • avatar Lae says:

    Tina G, the problem here is that nearly 3 months after the Teen Choice Award pics above, her lips STILL haven’t “deflated.” Maybe she’s got some freaky weird months-long water retention problem…

  • avatar Jenny says:

    This website is dumb. For one thing, injections are not plastic surgery and for another, she doesn’t look like she had anything done. It’s the fact that the images shown are many many years apart. Plus her dress is not drab at all and her shoes are far from boring with that huge bow at the back. So lame!

  • avatar Costa Rica says:

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  • avatar mmm says:

    She does not look that bad…i think it needs to be worse to be here.

  • avatar Just Passing Thro says:

    Oh no, didn’t she see what lip collagen injection did to Meg Ryan, Janet Dickenson and Lisa Rinna? The whole face goes out of proportion. Does anyone think Pamela Anderson and Kimora do not look like themselves anymore?

  • avatar Falooda says:

    OMG this is so sad! Zooey WHY? She had such a unique beauty before. She was definitely one of the cutest faces in Hollywood before she went in for the fillers & Botox. I wonder if she realises how horrible it looks. I hope she lets it wear off on its own & not go for repeat injections.

  • avatar chersti says:

    I think the after pictures are just cases of bad/unfortunate make-up. The fact that her eyes are swollen in the first after picture probably makes her cheeks look fuller as well, maybe she’d had an allergic reaction or had cold at the time?

  • avatar Cat says:

    She just looks really tired to me, I look puffy like that with jet-lag – maybe she just has a tough schedule. I would hate to think that such a naturally pretty young woman has started jabbing and cutting her face.

  • avatar Vella says:

    This is stupid. Rubbish.
    Time flies. Our face is changing as years go by.
    That’s what happens to her.
    Leave her alone.

  • avatar Tom says:

    Personal insecurities of the rich and famous ensures that plastic surgeons catering to this segment of America will always have clients to tend to.

  • avatar Terry Zooey fan says:

    Noooooooooooooo. Why? You were such a fine beauty. Now you are just a Hollywood toy. Bad choice, sweetie.

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