Has Gwen Stefani Had Plastic Surgery? No Doubt!


Gwen Stefani attended the Teen Choice awards last weekend, and walked the pink carpet looking her usual: gorgeous and stylish. But what’s up with her lips? Her top lip has suddenly swollen to twice the size of her bottom lip! Uh oh, has glamorous Gwen finally gone overboard with the plastic surgery?

Gwen Stefani before and after lip augmentation:
Gwen Stefani before and after plastic surgery

We love us some Gwen Stefani, so don’t get us wrong, we think she looks amazing, but Gwen has definately had her fair share of cosmetic procedures. With that said, we think that the 42-year old singer/fashion designer/mother has had some of the best plastic surgery in the business. The only problem is that you can’t look 29 forever. Plastic surgery can only hold back time for so long and Gwen is nearing that magic age where good plastic surgery can start to go bad. Mid-40’s seem to be when the plastic surgery illusion starts to fall apart for some of our favorite celebrities (Courtney Cox, Madonna, Janet Jackson, etc), so is Gwen going to fall into the same fate? Or will she ween herself off of the Botox and filler before it’s too late?

Gwen Stefani then and now:
Gwen Stefani before and after lip injections

Currently Gwen is getting regular Botox and filler injections, and while she usually looks perfectly natural, her plastic surgeon went a little over the top when he pumped up her top lip prior to her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. Oops!

Here is video of Gwen and No Doubt performing “Settle Down” at the Teen Choice Awards (the first time that No Doubt has performed together in over 10 years!):

And just for fun…No Doubt then and now!
No Doubt then and now

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  • avatar Romy says:

    That picture of No Doubt where Gwen has pink hair is from 2000, not 1995!

  • avatar mgt says:

    I don’t think so…I think her lip looks bigger because of the lipstick

  • avatar SAH says:

    I defended Gwen on not having a boob job (I don’t think she did, I think they got a little bigger from having kids) but it 100% looks like some top lip pumping has been done.

    Why do I think it’s a surgical/injection top lip and not lipstick? Because the distance between her nose and the top lip line IS THE SAME DISTANCE in both pictures. Her top lip is 5 times as thick in the “after”, but it can’t be lip liner & lipstick drawn on, because that would place the drawn on top lip line much closer to her nose. I think this is a plastic surgery trout pout.

    • avatar Lia says:

      Gwen has admitted to have implants. On YouTube there’s an interview of her and No Doubt on tour. During a segment on the tourbus, she holds up a magazine with her in a bikini, and says “These are the first photos I’ve done since I had my surgery. They look good!”.

  • avatar TGY says:

    This isn’t the first time they’ve performed together in over ten years, they went on tour in 2009. This is their first new ALBUM in over ten years.

  • avatar Grace says:

    My lips do the same thing, when I smile my top lip disappears. But when I’m like not smiling my top lip is just as big as the bottom one. Give the poor girl a break!

  • avatar Grace says:

    And even if she did get plastic surgeory, she still looks gorgeous!

  • avatar Ok says:

    I’m sorry but the “lip liner” excuse is SUCH bull. Lip liner will add a BIT of plumpness. It WILL NOT have this effect. Her upper lip is 3 times plumper than it used to be and it has nothing to do with her smile, considering we’ve seen Gwen for many years, not smiling.

  • avatar sara montana says:

    Holy Sh*t!!! She has a whole new face – not just fake lips! look at the teeth, gums , jaw line, cheeks! Everything has been altered – who does she think she fooling???

  • avatar Ricky Ritardo says:

    Looks like she turned 40 and got all insecure. Sell out. I love how she gives dirty looks to everyone now, like she can’t be bothered. Remember, Gwen, you’re from Anacrime and we made you famous.

  • avatar Katarina says:

    She definitely had lip augmentation in “After” photo in the top row. She is smiling in both pics and you can see way more of her gums in the first picture. Overlining your lips with liner will not make your lips cover your teeth. Keep in mind that she probably just got an injectable filler and those are not permanent. She does overline her lips and has done that from the beginning. She has definitely had a nose job too. But like her lips, her nose looks fantastic and you can only tell it was done because of the “Before” pictures. She has had excellent work. She is my idol and I could care less that she’s had work. She was beautiful before her surgeries and she’s beautiful now. How many women in their mid-forties still look like they are in their late 20’s? Not many, but Gwen kills it.

  • avatar Susan says:

    Yep I knew she had her lip botoxed when I saw her on The Voice the other night, her mouth looked frozen. I hope she stops while she’s ahead or she will mess her beautiful face up. She doesn’t need all that stuff done. she has natural beauty, always has!

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