Is Plastic Surgery Kim Richards Latest Addiction?


Kyle Richards recently tweeted a family photo, which included her sister Kim after she had plastic surgery. It has been widely reported that Kim Richards had a nose job in June, but what the hell happened to the rest of her face?

Kim Richards before and after rhinoplasty surgery:Kim Richards before and after plastic surgery

The 47-year old reality star, who completed treatment for an alcohol addiction this year, decided to get a nose job because her nose was something that always bothered her. Shortly after Kim had the surgery on her nose, she attended a family event, and her sister Kyle posted a candid family photo, in which Kim looked very different…But not in a good way! Kim’s nose definitely looked different, but her entire face looked swollen and puffy. So did Kim Richards get more work done then she’s fessing up to? Or, was the picture that Kyle posted taken before all of the swelling had gone down from the nose job?

Kim Richards before and after plastic surgery:
Kim Richards before and after nose job (rhinoplasty)

More recently, Kim Richards attended the grand opening of her sister’s new boutique, “Kyle by Alene Too”, and she posed for the cameras looking much more like her normal self. It looks like Kim’s nose is still swollen from the surgery, but it appears that she has also recently had filler injections in her cheeks and a modest helping of Botox, most notably around her eyes.

Kim Richards before and after rhinoplasty

Kim’s result after plastic surgery is far from dramatic, but you have to wonder if a woman with an addictive personality, fresh out of rehab, should really be getting plastic surgery? Sounds like a recipe for disaster! Hopefully Kim Richards won’t trade her alcohol addiction for plastic surgery addiction.

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  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    At first I didn’t notice the nose job, but now I see that her nose is less long, which looks good. I think her nose, upper lip area are still swollen and numb from the rhinoplasty and that is why she is giving a frozen kind of smile. Her nose job is really mild and I don’t see that she’s had any botox? So, I think she looks fine and there’s really not much here to discuss.

    • avatar magdelina says:

      I think she looks alot older than 47, so sad. I’ve seen people in late 50’s-60’s, yes a few wrinkles, but not unnatural looking and plastic. Everyone is out of control. Yes, when I see a wrinkle I’m not happy, but I take care of myself to my best ability. Never Never Never facelift. You want to look like you are rested. If you think something isn’t looking right, its probably true. The idea is you want to look like yourself. I haven’t seen plastic surgery that looks natural. Yolanda on the housewives is beautiful, but her eyes, bottom eyes are distracting and u can see the work that was done badly. She would be even more beautiful without that nonsense.

  • avatar Jody says:

    I think she should spend $40 for Crest Whitening Strips. That would realy improve her looks.

  • avatar Bender says:

    She looks like she’s in pain when she smiles

  • avatar Cat says:

    The surgery might be her way of starting afresh.

    • avatar magdelina says:

      You have to love yourself first. No monies, no amt of surgery can make you feel any different. I bet you she is not happy and she falls off the wagon. I think from watching the show she is very insecure. Thats the magic work being secure. Walk with your head up and thats the woman I’d want to be, not these fake women and they don’t even look pretty. Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner on and on all beautiful not playing with the knives.Age gracefully.

  • avatar magdelina says:

    I think Kim looks older than she is. Her plastic surgery is terrible. My sister is 10 yrs older than her and looks younger. No surgery. These women like on the Beverly Hills Housewives, Adrianne Maloof, etc, look so much older. Than look plastic. I rather look at a woman who takes care of herself, makeup etc, exercise and be as natural as she can be. This isn’t the real world. Sometimes, but in very few cases have I ever seen plastic surgery look natural, and thats when its a good job, but if it looks like you had something done, then thats not good work.

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