Kat Dennings Fake Lips Look Ridiculous


I don’t know much about Kat Dennings, but what I do know is that she is young and has had bad plastic surgery. Kat has recently garnered headlines by going tit to tit with Christina Hendricks, but as glorious as her boobs are, I just couldn’t be torn away from that train wreck of a mouth.

Kat Dennings before and after plastic surgery

Kat Dennings is a 26-year old actress trying to make it in Hollyweird. She has had a taste of fame with bit parts in big movies like “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “The House Bunny” and a slew of other random not-really-so-great movies. She even went so far as to leak “hacked” nude cell phone pictures of herself in 2010. Since working hard and releasing nude photos of ones self didn’t make Kat as famous as she would like to be, she has moved on to plan C: Bad plastic surgery.

Kat Dennings before and after lip augmentation

Kat has obviously had her lips surgically enlarged. And it looks ridiculous. She seriously reminds me of a young Pete Burns! It’s unbelievable that a pretty young girl, with nice full lips to begin with, would do this to her face. I wish that just one casting director would tell these young girls the truth: “You would have gotten the part if it wasn’t for your ridiculous looking plastic surgery. NEXT!”

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  • avatar zoe says:

    yup she got it done, weird to put the implant in the top only instead of the bottom too but i guess its what she wants.

  • avatar Lola says:

    I always get a full syringe on my upper lip to balance out the lower lip. It never looked like that.

    Im wondering if she got injectables or just went all out and get lip implants ?

    Ive never seen a good lip implant. They always look super weird when smiling. A good example is Meg Ryan – it just seems to stretch out the nasal folds.

  • avatar Missy says:

    I don’t think its a lip implant. I think she had a lip lift which decreases the amount of space between the upper lip and nose. Megan Fox did it also!

  • avatar Heidi says:

    Her lips were perfection before…why would she do that!

  • avatar Sofia. says:

    Haha what the fuck is wrong with you people! I have follwed kat dennings for years and she has never had platic sugery! You can clearly see that she is POUTING her lips, i get the same when ever i pout my lips. And if you watch interviews when she talkes you can CLEARLY see that her lip looks like it always does but when she does not talk she pouts her lips. You guys have no iq.
    SHe is a natural beauty.

  • avatar Ralph DeMattia says:

    I think she looks MUCH prettier BEFRORE! Why do beautiful young women do s**t like that to themselves? Her upper lip looks like she walked into a door.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    I don’t think she’s had ANYTHING done. She’s wearing lip liner in all 4 photos. In the 2nd photo, the liner is very obvious because it’s brown and there appears to be a space between the liner and her pink lipstick. How can people not see that? It’s clearly brown liner and top and bottom lips and her lips are pink. That’s not surgery, it’s makeup.

    In the 4th photo, the bow shape of her top lip is almost gone because she’s wearing so much lip liner. In the 2nd and 4th she’s doing a mouth positioning pose where you relax the jaw and put your tongue behind the lips . You can tell she’s doing this because the jaw is pushed forward, which happens when it’s relaxed and the area between the lips and nose looks puffy.

  • avatar Bia says:

    Hahahaha @ the people who seriously think she’s had nothing done? She’s nothing but a big FAT woman who’s also had extremely visible lip injections. Just because her lips were a decent size before doesn’t mean they’re real….they look COMPLETELY different. Fat nasty pale whore

    • avatar Todesschnitzel says:

      You, Sir, are a disgusting piece of shit.
      She’s not fat, she’s curvy, she’s a real WOMAN, ever heard of that!?
      At least she’s no skinny anorexious bitch.

  • avatar Moni says:

    She is still young and growing. Don’t you think that her body (parts) just changed/grew over the years? I don’t think she got her lips enlarged.

  • avatar jubby says:

    haha it’s funny, because 3rd photo was taken in 2009 and 4th photo – 2005. You should have check the info what you’re writing about. Kat Dennings has never had a surgery. Anyone can find the photos in google of any celebrity with big/small lips and so on. At least you can find Kat Dennings photo from childhood to see that her lips are natural.

  • avatar Lola says:

    Grow up and stop idolising her so much. Next you will be telling me she never had sex – she never lies :/

    Shes beautiful but obviously – her lips are not real. I think its an upgrade because it kind of gives her a quirkiness – something to set her apart from the other girls. I think she got them to soften the underbite (chin ?) she has.

    I LOVE it – lol Im biased because i always get my upper lip done – Ive had my lips injected since 2004 so I can spot em when I see them.

  • avatar anonymous says:

    A majority of celebrities and models (both male & female) have had cosmetic work done. Someare obvious like Megan Fox, while others have had less work so they look more natural. Under the makeup and professional styling, they’re just ordinary people. Some are still just as attractive, but none are perfect… I think celebs and models get idolised way too much… I think Kat is beautiful, but her upper lip does look different in those photos… If its due to lip injections or something then she shoukdnt do it but if its just makeup or pouting then she should stop imo… However its up to her so whatever…

  • avatar Danielle says:

    You all are crazy she’s not fat and pale skin is so much prettier then tan a lot of other countries find light skin more attractive then dark. As for her lips I think there nice who cares if she got a lil work done if she even did stop acting jealous she’s beautiful lead your own lives instead of picking apart over people’s what they do is there business and certainly not yours.

  • avatar Ok says:

    People telling people how to comment are the ones who need to get a life. Who are you, the hall monitor? People have the right to their opinions. It’s so sickening when people argue with commenters and call them names to defend a celebrity. And makeup does NOT plump lips to twice the size. She CLEARLY got lip injections and you will all deal.

  • avatar david says:

    i don’t care if its Spackle and duct tape, she looks fantastic. i sure wouldn’t kick her out of bed. post your own photo and let others tell you how much you got it going on

    • avatar Todesschnitzel says:

      At least someone with his eyes and mind intact ^.^
      I’m a straight female and in my opinion, Kat is hot as hell, she has something to her that makes her very pleasant to look at, I wouldn’t push her out of bed, either (though it might end up in something more like a drinking game than having sex).

  • avatar sjdfksd says:

    SHUT UP FANTARDS!! she clearly had her lip done!!! oh so what? so she kept on pouting in every scene? hahahah hilarioussss

  • avatar Gouda says:

    Both of the comparisons are cherry-picked. Different facial expressions. And in the second she is actually couple of years older on the left, so you shoot yourself in the foot.
    There are three reasons why you can cherry pick like that. First, her lips just are big. Lips come in various sizes. Plus, she is of a Russian Jewish descend, so her facial features are naturally a bit exotic when compared to most caucasians. Second, over the years she has developed this red-lipstick pale-skin look, further amplifying how large they appear. Third, her front teeth are large, and she has a slight overbite.
    The result is that the slight pucker is her normal position when she has her mouth fully closed and face relaxed (you can find her photos from early teens with this same exact facial expression), and she even amplifies this with styling.

    Note that she has had her front teeth gap closed, and if she was so much into cosmetic surgery, no doubt she could have all the other tiny imperfections “corrected”. She also doesn’t give much shit about many other things that the stereotypical celebrity is obsessed with. And that why she is so popular.

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