Mickey Rourke is Looking Pretty Rough…


Pictures cropped up recently of Mickey Rourke hitting London with a couple of buddies, but it looks more like something hit Mickey Rourke. Hard. The aging actor will be celebrating his 60th birthday in September, and it seems he may have treated himself to an early present in the form of plastic surgery. Along his hairline you can see some obvious plastic surgery scars left over from a facelift or another cosmetic procedure gone awry. Since Mickey Rourke is believed to have invested in numerous plastic surgery operations since the 1980s – often with disastrous results – it’s not hard to believe that the actor has made yet another attempt to turn back the clock. Unsuccessfully.

Mickey Rourke partying in London in July 2012:

Recent reports have Rourke considering a role as the former Wales rugby captain, Gareth Thomas, in his upcoming biopic, which is probably the perfect casting move, since nobody will have any problem believing Rourke’s character spends his time being tackled and bludgeoned near-to death by hulking rugby players. Talking about previous plastic surgery procedures he has undergone, Rourke said, “Most of it was to mend the mess of my face because of the boxing, but I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together.” You can say that twice. According to Rourke, he has since had five operations on his nose and one on a smashed cheekbone. And all those botched facelifts too, right Mickey? Somebody get this guy a good plastic surgeon.

Mickey Rourke then and now:
Mickey Rourke before and after plastic surgery

(By the way…Is it just me, or does Mickey Rourke totally remind you of the possessed alien exterminator “Edgar” in the “Men in Black” movie?!)

Did Mickey Rourke play Edgar in Men in Black?

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  • avatar Mark Walberg says:

    I think we need to have a talk about his hair. Otherwise I care less about older people getting plastic surgery. It’s like old people sex, sure they have more than we do and I’ll explain it to you. When you are young and ugly no one really wants to touch you but when you are old and ugly you are pretty much par for the course and let the games begin. So you know what Micky do what ever pleases you just try to avoid looking like a botched transexual or mannequin. This advice goes to both men and women 60<.

  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    Sad. Just sad.

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