Wayne Newton: Guilty! (Of Bad Plastic Surgery)


Wayne Newton has been embroiled in a bizarre legal battle that has to do with a deal gone bad with a developer who purchased his Las Vegas estate with the intention of turning it into a museum. But even more bizarre than the accusations of sexual harassment, 6ft piles of animal poop and decrepit penguins, is the state of disrepair of Wayne Newtons face!

Wayne Newton then and now:
Wayne Newton before and after plastic surgery

The iconic singer, who turned 70 in April, appears to be suffering from an overly tight facelift, among other unfortunate side effects of too much plastic surgery. It’s hard to say exactly where Wayne Newton’s plastic surgery went wrong, but the singer not only looks nothing like his original self, he hardly looks human anymore. In addition to the fresh facelift, it also looks like Wayne has had a browlift, blepharoplasty, liposuction under his chin, a necklift and, probably the strangest things for a man to get done…lip plumping injections!

Wayne Newton’s face through out the years:Wayne Newton pictures through the years.

Here at FamousPlastic.com, we understand that using plastic surgery to maintain your looks is the usual for celebrities, but the combination of procedures and the sheer number of cosmetic surgeries that Wayne Newton has had has resulted in a strange telltale mask of bad nips and tucks. If he would have stuck with just a facelift, I’m sure he would look great, but the work he’s had done on his eyes and lips totally creeps me out…

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  • avatar Jody says:

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he’s been a victim of bad plastic surgery. You would think with all his money he could have the best! To all of you celebrities: find Reba McIntyre’s surgeon & go to him.

  • avatar Carol says:

    I’m sorry to have to say this, but he looks like an aging ass clown! He should have just grown old gracefully. It’s not like anyone is gonna believe that aweful looking mask of a face is natural.

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