Angelyne: Model Turned Plastic Surgery Trainwreck


There’s nothing more fascinating than witnessing the fast-approaching train wreck of a celebrity famous for no reason other than her shameless self-promotion. Well, the mononymous “Angelyne,” queen of shameless self-promotion, is here and she is outfitted in blonde, pink and plastic (Think an old, wrinkled, cosmetically-altered Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde). Angelyne is credited as an American model and actress, but she is most famous for purchasing billboards in Hollywood advertising herself. She drives a pink Corvette and has a pink Maltese named Buddha, but other than that, there isn’t much known to be true about the “Hollywood icon.” Oh, except for the fact that she has invested in loads of bad plastic surgery.

Angelyne tooling around Hollywood

Angelyne seemingly materialized in L.A. in the early 1980s and has since become as much a part of Hollywood as the famous sign itself. Rumor has it that she is 54-years old and despite the obvious cosmetic procedures that Angelyne has undergone, she looks every bit her age and then some.  In addition to ginormous breast implants, it appears that she has also had multiple rhinoplasties, lip injections, brow lift(s) and facelift(s), although it looks like she has somehow forgotten to lift her neck along with her face. Angelyne typically sports heavy pink makeup, false eyelashes, drawn-on eyebrows, frizzy platinum hair and skimpy pink clothing that is far too revealing. (She has, more than once, pulled a “Britney” getting out of her Corvette.)

One of the infamous Angelyne billboards:Angelyne billboard in Hollywood

Despite her fantastic image and bold self-advertising, for which she has been dubbed the “Billboard Queen,” there is a sort of mystery that surrounds Miss Angelyne too. You’d probably be surprised to learn that Angelyne was one of the candidates in the 2003 California recall election, for example, during which she sported the slogan, “We’ve had Gray, we’ve had Brown, now it’s time for some blonde and pink.” Angelyne is virtually unknown outside her own little bubble in Hollywood, but she remains an icon for those dying to catch a glimpse of the flamboyant star on the street.

Angelyne’s billboards have all been taken down now, but she has clearly gone to great lengths to pad the pockets of her plastic surgeons throughout the years. And despite the involuntary cringe that results from seeing a photo of the vision in pink, Angelyne seems to think an awful lot of herself and her cosmetically-altered body, as she compares herself to Barbie, stating that “Kids think I’m a Barbie doll,” and “Barbie wishes she were me.” Angelyne also believes she is an avatar sent to Earth on a mission from somewhere else, but that’s a whole other story.

More pictures of Angelyne then and now:

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  • avatar charlesguillaume says:

    she looks 74 not 54

  • avatar laurel says:

    Wow!!this Angeline person looks 100 years older than me (I am 48 and have not had plastic surg. At all). Just goes to show youu. She probably continued to live a destructive lifestyles that aged her.Who knoes.

  • avatar Little Gramma says:

    She’s not 54, she’s more like 74.

  • avatar cati says:

    I remember her when I was like 9, She is in her 70’s I’m sure. Still that’s messed up taking pictures of her for people to laugh at. I don’t know who wrote this article either, some guy used to pay to put those billboards of her up. It’s sad, her mind is still stuck at what she once was. Whoever reshaped her body did a decent job, I would rather have hers at 70 something than be a 25 year old fat ass trying to fit into clothes she shouldn’t be wearing.

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