Did Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Get Plastic Surgery?


Kobe Bryant is currently competing in the 2012 Olympics in London and guess who decided to pop by to “support” her estranged husband, Vanessa Bryant! Did Kobe’s gold digging wife smell the gold medal from across the globe and decide she was once again in “love” with the husband that very publicly cheats on her? Who knows the real story behind why Vanessa Bryant is in London, but what we do know want to know is, what’s up with her face?! It looks like Vanessa has recently had a little bit of work done, no?

Vanessa Bryant before and after plastic surgery:
Vanessa Bryant before and after plastic surgery

The 30-year old latina trophy wife has already been mistaken for fellow plastic surgery enthusiast Kim Kardashian, while in London, but that is not really all that surprising since they both have had a lot of the same cosmetic procedures. Looking back at pictures of Vanessa when she married Kobe in 2001, you can see that Vanessa has definitely had some plastic surgery over the years. The most noticeable change to her face is the nose job, but that was done a few years ago. Most recently, it looks like Vanessa went a bit overboard with the Botox and lip filler, but all in all, she still looks beautiful (albeit a little “plastic-y”) and the Botox and filler will settle down to a more natural look in a few weeks.

Vanessa Bryant before and after Botox:
Vanessa Bryant Botox Brow

So to answer the question: Did Vanessa Bryant get plastic surgery!? Yes. Yes she did.

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