Trista Sutter Got Plastic Surgery to “Feel Pretty Again”


Trista Sutter, the original “Bachlorette”, recently went under the knife in an attempt to “feel pretty again”. The 39-year old mother of two got breast implants and an eye lift, and showed off the results to Life and Style Magazine.

Trista Sutter before and after plastic surgeryTrista Sutter Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to Trista:

After nursing both my kids for a year each, my boobs were deflated, and I had a droopy eye. It was something that I noticed in every picture I’ve ever taken. I realized that the surgery was something I had to do for myself, just for my own self-confidence and to feel good again about being in bathing suits and being intimate with my husband.

Well, that is all fine and good, but after looking at pictures of Trista before and after having plastic surgery, I think it’s a damn shame that a woman that looks that good at 39, felt that she had to get plastic surgery in order to feel pretty. It makes me think that Trista, who always comes off as a sweet, nice, down-to-earth girl is really just as vapid as the rest of those reality stars. (That or she was running low on cash, so she had plastic surgery in order to sell her story and pictures to a tabloid.)

What do you think? Does Trista look better, worse or the same after having plastic surgery?

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  • avatar AT says:

    So what? She looks great in the after photo. Was that first photo really taken after her two kids or before?

    Plus, you really can’t tell much about the deflated boobs from the first photo. Her after photo definitely looks perkier but looks like they put in implants.

    The eyes look the same but you’ll need a closeup picture to tell.

  • avatar Khan says:

    Why its only women who feel Not preety. I find her beautifull in BEFORE picture.

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