Jackie Stallone Debuts Bizarre New Plastic Surgery At Movie Premier


Sylvester Stallone’s mother has really done it this time. Jackie Stallone has been on our bad plastic surgery radar before, but she somehow managed to top herself with this latest round of plastic surgery. Remember when a proud mother would buy a new dress for an important event in her child’s life? Well, Jackie was so excited about the premier of her son’s new movie that she apparently went out and bought a whole new face!

Jackie Stallone then and now:
Jackie Stallone plastic surgery 2012

Jackie Stallone, who is 90-years old, attended the premier of ‘The Expendables 2’ in Los Angeles this week, and she was certainly turning heads…but for all the wrong reasons! Jackie appears to have recently had another facelift, necklift and MAJOR filler injections in her cheeks and lips. It also looks like she’s had some of her bad plastic surgery revised, such as her sky-high brow lift and it looks like she also had her nose rebuilt. After a few bad nose jobs and the ravages of time, Jackie’s nose was starting to collapse just a couple of years ago. The plastic surgeon that fixed her brow lift and nose actually did a great job, but the rest of Jackie’s face looks horrible. Especially those crazy clown lips!

Jackie Stallone before and after latest round of plastic surgery:
jackie stallone before/after plastic surgery 2012

Jackie Stallone is no stranger to having plastic surgery (and being the butt of jokes for the poor outcome), but come on, Jackie. You are NINTY YEARS OLD! You are literally risking your life to look like this. Seriously!?

More pictures of Jackie Stallone:

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  • avatar Stephanie says:

    Other than the lips, she actually looks pretty good for her age. She should consider a lighter hair color.

  • avatar layne says:

    In 2010 she looked EXACTLY like Sylvester.

  • avatar Michele Phillips says:

    That is not her! So, it’s very hard to take anything written here seriously.

  • avatar Heidi says:

    I will have nightmares from that face.

  • avatar Cat says:

    I am assuming that the creators of this site are informed enough to know when Sly Stallone’s mother attends a premier, so, I am assuming it is Jackie. I always thought that her mouth was that way because she suffered a stroke. The amount of surgery she must have had to get her to this must have been huge. She looks better, scarier but better – if she laid off the lip fillers she might even start to look human. She doesn’t look her age but she has that look that all over-done women have of the non-age, which is aging in itself and not attractive. I don’t know what she is trying to achieve, she can’t want to hook a man so maybe it’s just for her own self esteem, but seriously? At 90? I intend to wear pyjamas all day and have 237 cats when i’m 90, I am certainly not even going to bother with make-up, let alone surgery (unless it’s a hip replacement, but even then…).

  • avatar cati says:

    It’s her. She had her botched surgery redone. And, let me tell you, she looks way better than she did a couple of years ago.

  • avatar vicky says:

    It’s not her – this is actually a woman called Ivone Weldon – Jackie Stallone actually commented “If i had a trout pou like her I would kill myself” nice lol

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