Did Former Spice Girl Mel B Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?


A few months ago I was sent some pictures of Melanie Brown (formerly “Scary Spice” of the Spice Girls), rocking a teeny bikini on a boat in Australia. Normally, pictures of Mel B make me think, “Damn! Girlfriend has been spending some time in the gym and looks amazing!”, but this time my reaction was more, “Dude! WTF happened to Mel B’s body?!”. I figured that the paparazzi probably just caught her at a weird angle and I shelved the pictures. Recently, more pictures of Mel B have surfaced and her body still looks weird, so I decided to dig a little deeper and, YEP! Looks like Melanie Brown got some more plastic surgery. And it looks bizarre!

Melanie Brown before and after butt implants

Initially after seeing the comparison pictures of Mel B, I thought that she got butt implants. But after a bit of research it looks more like a she got a Brazilian Butt Lift. During a Brazilian Butt Lift the plastic surgeon uses liposuction to define the areas around the butt and uses the fat that was harvested to increase the size of the booty. That would explain why Mel B’s body looks totally out of whack proportionally. It looks like she’s had lipo on her upper thighs, lower back and the sides of her waist, and her booty is certainly more pronounced (uh, to say the least!).

Melanie Brown before and after liposuction

Melanie Brown also has huge breast implants, but she got those years ago (and they subsequently were used against her in her divorce from her first husband!). Maybe she is trying to balance out the big boobs with the newly inflated booty, but I think she has finally gone too far with the plastic surgery, which is a shame because the 37-year old mother of three had an amazing bikini body before!

Melanie Brown on a boat:

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  • avatar L says:

    Them pictures where photoshopped she’s been photod in london recently and her ass was completely flat, people where even asking what happened to her ass it was so flat.
    I remember her from years ago and I think when she come to america she got a butt lift then and she’s been getting re done for a years and after having her recent child she’s let it wear off- probably because the cost of keep getting it done but google pictures of her at xfactor london and her ass is flat so them pictures where photoshopped

  • avatar zoe says:

    she just had a baby didn’t she? so yea she’s gonna look a little flabby, but she’s on her way back to super fit self. plus seeing old pics of her and her butt, she has a butt so idk where people are getting the flat butt thing from.

  • avatar nunya says:

    She looks like she’s been bleaching her skin!

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