Did Olivia Munn Get Breast Implants?


Olivia Munn recently appeared on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ looking bustier than usual, which got the gossip mill churning and we were flooded with “Did Olivia Munn get a boob job?!” emails. After examining the photographic evidence, I think it is safe to say that Olivia Munn did not recently get a boob job, but she does indeed have breast implants. And very well done breast implants, at that!

Olivia Munn before and after breast implants:
Olivia Munn before and after breast implants

Olivia appeared on Letterman wearing a sheer blue dress, and if you look closely, you could tell that she was also wearing a strapless pushup bra, which gave her a bustier-than-normal look. Even though Olivia chose to get breast implants, she’s not usually one to flaunt them, so I think the pushup bra threw some of her fans for a loop. You can see the pictures of Olivia’s Letterman appearance here.

Judging from pictures of Olivia Munn through the years, it looks like she got breast implants around 2008/2009 (and subsequently started making the Maxim and FHM “Hot 100” list). With that said, Olivia has some of the most natural looking breast implants in the biz! She appears to have gone from an A-cup to a full B-cup and now that they’ve had a couple of years to settle, they look totally natural.

Oliva Munn then and now:
Olivia Munn boob job

Olivia joins a slew of other celebrities, such as Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Ritchie and Ashley Tisdale, who have chosen a more natural look when it comes to breast implants. I think it’s safe to say that the big fake bolt-on breast implants of the 90’s have finally gone out of style!

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  • Considering more than 300,000 women underwent this procedure in 2011, I would not be surprised. Statistically, the most common breast size women have asked for when requesting breast augmentation has been a C cup. Lately however the trend may be moving towards smaller breasts. When you choose to have a breast augmentation, or a breast reduction, for that matter, the reason should be to please yourself.
    Dr. Rhys Branman

  • avatar Flory says:

    I don’t know what to say about this….maybe she wore a special bra that made her breasts look bigger because I don’t see a big change.
    I recently saw some before and after breast augmentation pics where the difference was obvious.
    I’m very curios to see what she has to say about this….the opinion of a qualified person should also help us solve the mistery:P

  • avatar RobThom says:

    She looked cuter with an A cup.

    Like an Asian girl.

    Maxim and FHM dont know what the heck they’re talking aboot.

  • avatar sam says:

    I’ve now seen her entirely topless in Magic Mike, and after that I can safely say she has implants. They are excellent implants and very modest, but her breasts are fake, you can still tell.

  • avatar shanzy says:

    dear god. her boobs are real. it’s not hard to tell that.

  • avatar Lily says:

    I don’t think she’s had implants. It appears she may be wearing gel inserts. But if those are implants, I want to know who her surgeon is. They look great 🙂

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