The Woman With The 85 Pound Breasts!


Guiness Book Of Records - Largest Natural BreastsIt doesn’t seem possible that Guinness World Record holder Annie Hawkins-Turner’s size 102ZZZ boobs could be natural, but there’s definitely nothing fake about them! Together, 53-year old Annie’s breasts weigh nearly 85 pounds (which is equivalent to carrying a 6th grader around on your chest all day, every day, by the way), the result of a rare condition called gigantomastia, which results in the progressive growth of breast tissue. Hence, the gigantic boobs.

You’d think that huge breasts like Annie’s would get in the way if you were to say, bend over, tie your shoes, try to look at your feet, or do just about anything else for that matter, but Annie doesn’t seem to mind the trouble and the idea of breast reduction surgery has never crossed her mind. In fact, the woman with the world’s largest natural breasts appears to cherish her title, and not surprisingly, works in the adult film industry. Annie has produced and directed over 250 adult movies under the clever pseudonym Norma Stitz. As Annie says, her incredibly curvy physique is “always imitated but never duplicated.” You can say that again.

Annie is set to appear on an upcoming episode of The Learning Channel’s Strange Sex, in which she talks about her body, her two children, other people’s reactions to her breasts, and her work in the adult film industry. One thing she must get asked about a lot is plastic surgery, which Annie has apparently never even considered. Annie definitely has no plans to relinquish her coveted Guinness World Record title; well, not any time in the near future at least. When asked about the possibility of a breast reduction, Annie says simply, “Why fix something that’s not broken?”

More pictures of Annie Hawkins-Turner and her record-breaking real breasts:

And just for fun…The Worlds Largest Breasts: Real Versus Fake!

Worlds Largest Breast - Real versus Fake!

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