K. Michelle Called Out On Twitter, Full Body Plastic Surgery Revealed!


K. Michelle of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ has admitted to getting breast implants, but old video of her has revealed that she’s had more of a full-body overhaul. And to make it worse, her ex-boyfriend Memphitz straight up called her out on Twitter and revealed that he paid for new teeth, breasts and butt for the rising hip hop star. After K. Michelle insinuated that Memphitz beat her up and spent all her money, he posted the following on his billiondollarboybiz Twitter account:

“As I was installing the Teeth, Titties, & Ass you’re Flaunting, I forgot to tell you about the Growing Nose I threw in Pinocchio. Lol. @kmichelle I made you. -Mr. Gepetto”

K Michelle before and after veneers and cosmetic dentistry:
k michelle teeth

K Michelle before and after plastic surgery:k michelle before and after plastic surgery

K Michelle has addressed the rumors and admitted to having fake teeth and breasts, but she is still trying to convince her fans that her butt is 100% real. Is a large amount of her fan base blind? The before and after pictures of K. Michelle reveal a MUCH larger, extra curvy booty, which has obviously been surgically altered. Why is it that all of these celebrities that have had multiple plastic surgery procedures will admit to all of it except for the butt augmentation? It’s pretty sad that these woman think that breast implants are something to boast about, but butt augmentation is shameful. I suppose they want to keep the illusion alive that some part of their body is real?

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  • avatar Lesha says:

    I guess the abuser was RIGHT…All Toya hubby knows how to do is work others for what they got…Suing for WHAT? he is a joke LOL…Let’s see if he gets his millions…I hope K Michelle bust his bubble and make him look like the FOOL he is…a true con-artist is what he is… SNAKE

  • avatar Lesha says:

    Who cares…ALL those B*TCHES have something fake on them so WHY call out K…whoever is doing this is a FOOL for real… Toya tell yo hubby he needs to STOP…oh and yo ghetto A$$ friend Rasheeda as well…this is not helping your lawsuit…that you aint going to get LOL.

  • avatar Lola says:

    That ass implant is not only obvious – its also ridiculous. Her ass looked fine before – now she looks like she has a tumor.

  • avatar kiki says:

    The only change that was necessary was her teeth…she was beautiful the way she was before. But if it makes her happy then who am I to judge.

  • avatar EllyJ says:

    This is soooo sad!I’m not hater, but feel so bad and embarrassed when black women do this and then lie! I don’t give a damn if it’s real or fake really because if I could afford it, my butt and boobs would be better too lol!

  • avatar Demetra says:

    I love K Michelle and for someone to think that she would lie about being beat up is totally ridiculous. Why would someone want to embarrass themselves for nothing. We as women speak out so that we can move on not to be noticed or seek attention. And as far as any adjustments she’s had to her own body, why would anybody else give a dam . It’s her body, her money, and she can do what she wants. Half of these women who are hating no dam well if the had the money they would fix SOMETHING they didn’t like on there body. Stop hatin on a boss and get ya money up!! Maybe you could then stay outta k’s business.

  • avatar Tasha says:

    I agree that it’s her body she do wat she wants but again if you paid for it just say you did. It’s obvious she had a body make over, a blind person could see this. Instead of lying just dont say anything. People are going to be people and judge but it ridiculous wen you lie and a before and after pic. is included. No hater by any means keep doing wat you do best. SING!!!!!!

  • avatar Shea says:

    Now clearly this butt has undergone some surgery . Does it look good on her I think so but it is obvious. No one should care about what she has had done . She is a wonderful performer but I do know no one likes a liar and its like when there are pics and videos of you without that ass not long ago clearly the public is not stupid. I think its ridiculous to lie about but hey who knows. Now her ex saying he made her wow! lol that was soo low but with their controversy who could blame the shots being fired. Whether guilty or innocent that is alot to blasted as a woman beater esp. if you didnt do it . If he did then thats his ass. K Michelle needs to keep it real about the butt because that I def. can see and the eyes dont lie that she HAS a fake ass . The domestic violence etc. I cant judge that but that ass is NOT real and if she continues to say it she continues to be a bold faced lie. A quick reveal of those medical records could reveal something . If she wanted to put everything to rest shed just simply verify some information through her medical provider. Just saying lol.

  • avatar Sherri says:

    Yes, most of the reality stars got some fake stuff. But dang, what’s the limit? K. Michelle is cute, but wow: FAKE BREASTS, FAKE BUTT, FAKE TEETH, EYELASHES, WEAVE, TONS OF MAKE-UP. I’m sorry, is she really cute at all? Men are funny. They will question a weave with a non-celeb; but, they will gush about a fake ass. And when did looking like a donkey in the behind become “IN”. You can tell her ass is fake….just look at her tiny little calves and ankles–it don’t match.

  • avatar msminer says:

    Its like this who cares that’s our problem as ppl we sit and judge others. But can’t judge our own flaws or what’s goin on in our lives. Stop downing others and worry about ur own lives. He gone get what he asked for nothin. And k girl ur beautiful in dide and out keep doin what u do for u and ur fuck media. And what everyone gotta say about u.

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