‘Glee’ Actress Heather Morris Had Her Breast Implants Removed


Although she never admitted to having had a boob job in the past, “Glee” actress Heather Morris recently decided to have her breast implants removed because they were painful. According to Morris, breast implants were something she thought she wanted when she was younger, but she has since changed her mind, like many celebrities who have gone under the knife for the sake of more voluptuous breasts. “It was hard being active with them, because my chest was always sore,” Morris said. “It hurt a lot and I didn’t like always being in pain, so they had to go!”

Heather Morris before and after breast implant removal:
Heather Morris before and after breast reduction

Although the Food and Drug Administration has warned that women should not expect breast implants to last a lifetime, many celebrities and everyday women are finding that breast implants no longer suit them even just a few years down the road. In most cases, side effects like pain, discomfort, leakage, a build-up of scar tissue, or even just a change of size preference lead women to downsize or have their implants removed altogether after about 10 to 20 years. Whether due to breast implant side effects, or because they realize that having unnaturally large breasts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, a number of celebrities have given their breast implants the boot, including Victoria Beckham, Sharon Osbourne, “Real Housewife” Tamra Barney, and Denise Richards. Even Pamela Anderson, whose entire career has been based solely on her ginormous breasts, decided to have her implants removed.

In addition to warning women with breast implants about pain and discomfort, the FDA has also issued safety information to consumers regarding the health risks of breast implants. According to the FDA, women should be sure they fully understand the following risks of silicone gel-filed breast implants before undergoing plastic surgery:

– Breast implants are not lifetime devices. The longer a woman has them, the more likely she is to have complications and need to have the implants removed or replaced. Women with breast implants will need to monitor their breasts for the rest of their lives.

– The most frequently observed complications and adverse outcomes are tightening of the area around the implant (capsular contracture), additional surgeries, and implant removal. Other complications include a tear or hole in the outer shell (implant rupture), wrinkling, uneven appearance (asymmetry), scarring, pain, and infection.

– Studies to date do not indicate that silicone gel-filled breast implants cause breast cancer, reproductive problems, or connective tissue disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis. However, no study has been large enough or long enough to completely rule out these and other rare complications.

The FDA also released a warning last year regarding the increased risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) that women with breast implants face. There are so many complications, risks and side effects associated with breast implants, we’re beginning to forget what the benefits are. So are other women apparently, as Heather Morris is only one of many confident women in the spotlight who have proven that smaller boobs are making a comeback!

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  • avatar Lola says:

    Its an improvement – it suits her, but then again, her implants were not too obvious and tasteful.

    What Im interested in is this – Pamela had her implants removed ?? I thought she had gotten smaller ones ?

    The only reason Im not taking mine out is because Im worried they may droop. Ive never seen anyone take theirs out and have it looking as good as it did before the surgery.

  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    Pam Anderson had her implants removed??

  • avatar IssyZozo says:

    uhmm theres a difference between a push up bra and no bra, maybe thats just the difference? or did she actually admit to it?

  • I hear this complaint, that activity can be uncomfortable, from large breasted women and they often ask for breast reduction surgery. As for Lola, if you had your implants recently, or if they were placed beneath the muscle, you breasts should go back to their original shape.However if you implants were very large, or you are of advancing age they may “droop.” In these cases, many women elect for a mastopexy, a breast lift to correct the problem.

    Dr. Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

  • avatar zoe says:

    she admitted removing them a long time ago and people were surprised bc they didn’t know she had them done. she didn’t like them and felt more comfortable with her natural size so she had them taken out.

  • avatar Bill says:

    She had such small implants to begin with but at least she had something. Now……well what can you say other than she looks like a board. Definitely not a good look. Bad decision honey.

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