Woman Regrets Having Plastic Surgery to Look Like Pamela Anderson


Imagine wanting to be a Playboy playmate badly enough to undergo plastic surgery at age 19 to look like Pamela Anderson. Now imagine being a 28-year-old mom of two little girls and feeling embarrassed about the way you look when you pick up your kids from school. Sha Ross is a prime example of a misguided teenager who turned to cosmetic surgery to solve her problems in life, opting for lip implants, liposuction and breast implants in her quest to be just like Pamela Anderson. And MTV was right there with her every step of the way, supporting her decision to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and documenting her transformation.

Sha Ross before and after spending nearly $10,000 on plastic surgery:
Sha Ross before and after plastic surgery

Sha was featured on MTV’s reality show ‘I Want a Famous Face’ nearly a decade ago, which documented the cosmetic procedures that gave her the plump lips and thin chin that she wanted, and increased her breast size from a 34B to a 32F. Against the advice of working professionals in the field, Sha convinced herself that getting plastic surgery and a breast augmentation was the answer. With a petite five-foot-four frame, the cosmetic surgery left her fit to grace the cover of Playboy magazine, and that she did, becoming a favorite among the Playboy editor’s models for a 2004 Voluptuous Vixens release. Now, nine years after obsessing over her image and making the life-changing decision to cosmetically alter her face and body, Sha Ross is going back under the knife – this time to un-Pamela Anderson herself.

I don’t even recognize myself,” said Sha, who’s main goal these days is to be a good stay-at-home mom for her five-year-old and 18-month-old girls. “I just want to take a hammer and shatter my 19-year-old dreams. Pop culture, reality television – it’s when you are that young that it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘excitement,’ but you have no idea how it’s going to affect you later in life.” Could the pop culture and reality television that Sha is referring to be MTV, the music-television-turned-sensational-reality-TV-channel that chronicled and made public Sha’s struggle to deal with her image issues? We think so. Although MTV did make sure to include a disclaimer in Sha’s ‘I Want a Famous Face’ episode, making it clear that “Sha has decided on her own to get plastic surgery. MTV then asked to document her journey.”

Sha Ross before and after plastic surgery and 9 years later

In a day and age where teen girls can undergo cosmetic surgery to appease their infatuation with celebrities and the perfect body, instead of just garnering clothing and makeup tips from the stars, is MTV really helping the issue by offering these girls a chance to become instant celebrities by having their “journey” aired on national television? Sha certainly doesn’t think so. When she became pregnant with her first child, Sha’s breasts were so large that she suffered from serious back pain, and she couldn’t produce enough milk to breast feed her child. Now that her girls are older, it’s an understatement to say that Sha regrets her Pamela Anderson-esque transformation. “If I can convince one young teenage girl to make a wiser decision and follow a different path, that’s something I can be proud of,” she says, “because there are a lot of things I’m not proud of.

And Sha isn’t the only one in the world to regret a boob job later in life, when looking like a playmate isn’t the most pressing concern an adult has. When Sha Ross’ plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, was training at New York University, he performed only one breast augmentation for every ten breast reductions. Apparently Dr. Rose isn’t against turning away patients that aren’t physically or emotionally ready to undergo cosmetic surgery, although he seems to have missed his step when he let Sha Ross go under the knife.  “Plastic surgery isn’t like going to the salon,” Rose said. “Though I know the media sometimes portrays it that way.

Watch the episode of MTV’s ‘I Want a Famous Face’ featuring Sha Ross here:

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  • avatar *sigh* says:

    Well at least this story has a relatively positive ending.

  • avatar Bill says:

    In the after picture she looks absolutely stunning. Someone obviously is filling her head with bad information or maybe she believes what she reads on this website. Either way, big mistake.

  • avatar Lavi says:

    It’s not MTV fault nor the doctor fault that SHE decided to ruin her body and face. Her PLAYBOY advisor warned her over and over DONT DO IT. It wasn’t like strangers or family , it was the damn people she worked for said dont do it. And playboy is the place she wanted to be but you won’t even take their advice. And the doctor probably didnt know her as well as the people who see her constantly and the doc didnt air for a months so how was he suppose to know. She should have listened to the people around her. With our without MTV she seemed to stop at nothin to get those Implants. Take responsibly for your actions

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