Kris Jenner’s New Breast Implants Are Apparently More Important Than 9/11


At 8:46am this morning, a moment of silence was held in memory of the nearly 3000 Americans that died after terrorists attacked The World Trade Center in New York. Pretty much every cable network covered the tribute, except for The Today Show, which thought that an interview with fame-hungry momager Kris Jenner yammering on about her new breast implants, was far more important.

If you have any interest here is the lame interview with the “Kardashian Matriarch”:

And since reporting on mindless plastic celebrities is our job (back off, NBC!), here is Kris Jenner before and after her latest plastic surgery to trade in her breast implants for new ones.

Kris Jenner before and after multiple breast augmentation surgeries:
Kris Jenner before breast implants

Kris tried her hardest to make it seem like her talking about herself and her fake boobs was some sort of public service announcement warning other woman with implants to “check your expiration date because it’s a health risk!“. Kris went on to explain how important it is to get breast augmentation surgery at least every 10 years. Because of the health risks of old breast implants. That’s funny, since Kris was filmed thumbing through porn magazines in order to choose her new boobs, because, as Kris so eloquently put it, “the times are changing and my boob have to keep up!“. Leave it to Kris Jenner to get trendy boobs at 56 years old. *puke*

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