Jennifer Hudson Admits to Getting Lip Injections!


American Idol turned grammy-award winning actress, Jennifer Hudson, has revealed that she was pushed into getting unwanted lip filler injections by “Dreamgirls” director. In a recently interview with Oprah, Jennifer dished that she had no interest in getting the cosmetic lip enhancements, but did as she was told for the sake of movie lighting.

Jennifer Hudson before and after lip filler injections:
Jennifer Hudson before and after lip filler injections

According to Jennifer:

When I did Dreamgirls I actually had to get my dent right here (pointing to her lip) injected because it was affecting the lighting. And when I got it done the doctor was like ‘I do not want to do this do you realize people come in here and pay to have the lips you have naturally?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t want to but I have to for the movie!’

In the interview Jennifer talks about going from small town singer, charging $25 per song to sing at weddings and parties, to making it big in Hollywood and making millions doing what she loves. Jennifer has made a lot of big changes to fit into her new Hollywood surroundings, including losing almost 100lbs, so I suppose cosmetic surgery is to be expected, but with natural lips like hers, it seems like such a shame that she was pressured into doing something she didn’t even want to do…

Watch the full episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter featuring Jennifer Hudson:

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