Alejandra Guzman Will Require Life Long Treatment After Botched Butt Job


Alejandra Guzman after butt augmentation injectionsIf you’re thinking about adding a little oomph to your buttocks, you may want to think again, unless you want to end up like Latina rock star Alejandra Guzman. The Grammy-winning singer and actress underwent cosmetic surgery back in 2009, and she is still paying the price of a botched butt job. As a result of bad plastic surgery performed by a “doctor” whose only educational accolade was a high school diploma, Guzman is now suffering from a severe medical condition called chemical panniculitis, and probably will for the rest of her life.

Since first being hospitalized for complications related to the botched cosmetic surgery a few years ago, Guzman has spoken out about her butt job and to what extent she has suffered from the plastic surgery gone wrong. According to the singer, she decided to undergo a procedure to enhance her butt in 2009 so that her boyfriend would find her more attractive. Since then, Guzman has experienced numerous side effects of the botched job, including a severe infection associated with the injections, and the singer now suffers from chemical panniculitis, which requires her to get checked out by a hospital every six months. All for a more voluptuous butt!

Panniculitis is a medical term describing the inflammation of fatty tissue, and chemical panniculitis in particular occurs when the body experiences an adverse reaction to a foreign substance, causing infection. The severity of the condition depends largely on whether it remains localized or becomes widespread. In Guzman’s case, the butt job probably resulted in polymers injected in her buttocks migrating to other parts of her body, causing a major reaction.

Chemical panniculitis results in varying symptoms depending on what part of the body is affected, and may include fatigue, high fever, liver abnormalities, bone marrow infection and pus-filled skin nodules, among other side effects. Treatment for chemical panniculitis is typically unsatisfactory, and the condition often leaves a depression under the skin once the inflammation has gone down, which probably won’t do a whole lot for the “oomph” in Alejandra Guzman’s booty. Unfortunately for Guzman and others suffering from similar plastic surgery side effects, there is no cure for chemical panniculitis; only anti-inflammatory drugs and ongoing therapy. In Guzman’s case, she will likely require medical supervision for the rest of her life. Yet another example of a natural beauty falling victim to bad plastic surgery.

More pictures of Alejandra Guzman before and after butt augmentation:

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  • Terrible story! As a doctor, I am appalled that individuals who have no medical credentials are performing “back alley” procedures, not to mention using non surgical grade fillers. These dangerous and illegal surgeries and injections are a sure fire way to infection, disfigurement or worse. One really must do their research when choosing a surgeon.

    Dr. Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

  • avatar *sigh* says:

    Not that it would matter either way, but he wasn’t even her husband – just a boyfriend. The point in general being never change your appearance to please someone else, especially someone who could be there one day and gone the next.

  • avatar Veloci says:

    Natural beauty? She also had a nose job, eye lift, and lip work, all very obvious! If you are augmenting/filling any area like the buttocks, face, lips, etc., the only safe material is YOUR OWN BODY FAT! Can’t be rejected and lasts forever. Who wants a big ass? The rest of us are on the stairmaster trying to reduce and tone ours. Kim K is another ugly example of ass work and ridiculous face work. She is starting to look like Cher.

    • avatar Smdh says:

      “Who wants a big ass? The rest of us are on the stairmaster trying to reduce and tone ours.”

      There are countless women (& male admirers) that would disagree with this point. It’s not just the size but the shape. If one has a wide, flat behind, that too is seen as big, but generally in a negative way. Maybe women who have those kinds of behinds are the ones hitting the Stairmaster, not women with attractively shapely ones.

  • avatar P.A. says:

    Liposuction and butt implants are so dangerous and harmful and no amount of board certifications can change that. The doctors and their boards should be held accountable for popularizing these dangerous surgeries in which they try to manipulate the fat is people’s bodies. Due to the biology of fat, liposuction in general is a sure fire way to disfigurement. THE BELLY FINDS WHAT THE THIGHS LOSE.

  • avatar Iriz Melendez says:

    Hey .my name is iriz i was infected seven years on and out the hosptal every month..dont fing a surgen that want take my case…i will not give not fun like this..i dont have no life.i think all the time.i an going to die out ff this..please help me.

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