Did Kate Hudson Get a Butt Augmentation?


Kate Hudson surprised us all when she decided to get breast implants in 2010, but it looks like her body makeover didn’t stop there! The 33-year old mother of two recently stepped out looking curvier than usual, showing off her larger derriere in a pair of tight jeans.

Did Kate Hudson have butt augmentation surgery?Kate Hudson Butt Augmentation

There are natural ways to tone up and make the booty bigger, but with the current trend of ridiculously large butts being popular, the Brazilian Butt Workout can only take you so far. Did Kate Hudson’s quest for the perfect booty lead her back to the plastic surgeons office, or do you think Kate’s curvy new figure is the result of hard work in the gym (or padded panties!)? It’s hard to say at this point, but there is definitely a difference in the trajectory of Kate’s posterior and we’ll be happy to keep an eye on Kate’s butt for you…Stay tuned!

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  • avatar Jim says:

    She’s getting older and more and more insecure. Me likey.

  • avatar Seriously says:

    Oh please. She had a baby. Mother Nature’s way of providing enough fuel for the demands of breastfeeding is to change the metabolism permanently and make the butt and hips much more prone to storing fat – even if the mother chooses not to breastfeed, or doesn’t for very long. It’s what distinguishes real women from girls.

  • avatar Dotz says:

    Don’t see it. In 2009 photo she is wearing flats. In 2012 photo she is wearing heels. ‘nough said.

  • avatar Sharon M.T. says:

    Can’t tell for sure, her butt does look shapelier. It could be from her cute jeansjeans and/or subtle butt pads — and she is wearing high heels which gives an illusion. However, I wouldnt be surprised since she obviously had breast implants, why not butt work now too?

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