Courtney Stodden Reveals New Face After More Plastic Surgery


Oh good. Courtney Stodden is back. This time with a brand new face.

Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery 2012

We were wondering why we hadn’t heard much about Courtney in the past few months, secretly hoping that she’d gotten the hint and figured out that she will never actually be famous for any of the things she claims to be famous for (according to Courtney she is a ‘Model, Singer, Actress, Reality Star, Animal Activist, Hostess, Dancer’). But no such luck, apparently Courtney was just in hiding waiting for her latest round of plastic surgery to heal.

Courtney Stodden before and after latest plastic surgery:
Courtney Stodden before and after nose job

Courtney, who just turned 18 on August 29th and claims to be all natural, was recently shut down by Playboy after insinuating that she was going to pose for the popular mens magazine. According to source close to Playboy, Courtney is too “enhanced” and “doesn’t meet the standards of a Playboy model“. And if that wasn’t clear enough? They decided to add, “Playboy would NEVER take her. I don’t think anybody really wants to see that anyway.

The latest pictures of Courtney, posted to her Twitter account within the last couple of days, show a significant change in her face. Was plastic surgery on her birthday wishlist this year? It sure does seem like it as the teenage wannabe looks totally different. It appears that Courtney has had a recent nose job, lip augmentation and possibly even a brow lift. Does she look better? Yes. Does more plastic surgery make Courtney less annoying? Nope.

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  • avatar Jody says:

    looks like new veneers on her teeth

  • avatar zoe says:

    she got her teeth done, thats it. this chick didn’t get any work on her face and body like everyone is saying but shes still an airhead though.

  • We agree, she definitely got veneers too, but the nose and lip job is totally obvious…

  • avatar selena says:

    at least she doesnt look like dead chic anymore

  • avatar Honey Boo Boo says:

    Yes on the veneers, no on the nose job. Her makeup was cheap and tacky before. The dark roots and light colored lipstick made her look skanky. I am glad she has opted for more “classy” makeup… she looks so much better.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    I think she looks 8 million times better! Good god she looked 40 before, now at least she looks younger! It’s still gross she’s married to an old ass man.

  • avatar tee says:

    looks like botox lip fillers and great make up she looks a lot less brazzers mobile and more barbie i like it!

  • avatar John Haggard says:

    This woman is 18? She looks 53. No, older. What has she fine to herself. Not pretty to start with, far worse after.

  • avatar barbs says:

    why so mean?

  • avatar Lisa says:

    her parents must have done something really wrong to not only create this desperate attention vaccuum, but to blindly allow her to proceed down a dangerous path. Sad.

  • avatar Carmen Cuellar says:

    She looks 26!
    Can’t believe she’s 18..

    I think all this girl needed was her roots retouched & her make-up done differently. And maybe those teeth whitened some classier clothes.

    Her face looks more plastic.

  • avatar gCS 15 says:

    Her teeth have been worked on but not her face. It’s a simple fix of taking off the ten pounds of stripper makeup and going with a more “natural” look. Instead of pink frosted lips and eyes with messy teased hair ( Ala 1986) she opted for the more demure red lips, basic mascara/eyelashes, and slightly curled hair.

  • avatar shotgun517 says:

    Say what you want weather or not she’s a teenager, but she’s gorgeous!

  • avatar Laura says:

    Oh gosh,What’s wrong with this lady ? or is it girl? I’m confused what’s her point?

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