Pebbelz Da Model Sought By Police in Butt Shots Death


Yet another woman has died after receiving illegal butt injections from a shady man, posing as a woman, posing as a doctor. Former model Karima Gordon sought out Morris Garner, (who lives his life as a woman and also goes by Tracey Lynn Garner) for the illegal butt plumping injections, and sadly she became ill and died shortly after the procedure. Police are now searching for well-known big booty model Pebbelz Da Model in connection with the death.

Pebbelz Da Model:
Pebbelz Da Model in a tight dress

According to the Daily Gist:

Karima Gordon drove to Garner’s home in Mississippi with a friend to have the procedure performed. She became ill a few hours later and her friend called Garner asking what to do. Garner told them to buy some cough medicine. Gordon died at a hospital a few days later. Police say a woman named “Pebbles” acted as a go between for Garner and women who sought his illegal services…

It is alleged that Karima Gordon and Pebbelz communicated via Twitter and Karima traveled to New York to meet Pebbelz in person. There, Karima paid Pebbelz $200 for the referral to the man who ended up performing the butt injections that killing her. According to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, investigators are looking for Pebbelz for questioning.

Well, if they are indeed looking to question Pebbelz in connection with this crime, they apparently don’t have to look too hard. According to Pebbelz Twitter account, she’ll be hosting an event at Dolce Lounge in Elizabeth New Jersey on Thursday (or do police still not know how to use the internets?).

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  • avatar june says:

    I would assume being i’ve been in the kind of life or close to it,not that she pebblez tha model has low-self esteem to want mess herself like that. When she ages and be used up by men, what would she have to show for it, beside her 15 minutes of fame and and a reputation that most men would not consider her to be a wife. and when being a senior citizen her backside will look arkward. Hopefully she was wise enough to invest and save for her retirement.

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