Did Helen Mirren Finally Go Under The Knife?


Call the Queen! It appears as though Dame Helen Mirren has finally gone under the knife, as she was photographed shopping in Hollywood with a telltale blue scarf tied around her face. Apparently the scarf was intended to cover up white bandages, but the sheer material wasn’t doing such a great job, since you could clearly see the white wrap underneath. According to Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr. Nick Milojovic, “It’s the type of bandage that would be used after a classic facelift.” Even though the 67-year-old actress is classically beautiful and definitely does not need any form of plastic surgery, the blue scarf, white bandages and puffy face all seem to add up to a facelift!

Helen Mirren shopping in Hollywood with what appears to be a bandage around her face:
Helen Mirren face lift pictures

If it weren’t for The Queen actress’ comments about plastic surgery in the past, we would certainly be shooting down rumors that the 67-year-old underwent plastic surgery, and telling you all to leave the poor woman alone. However, Helen Mirren did say recently that she wants “full-on” cosmetic surgery, which is a little surprising to say the least. Wondering what exactly full-on plastic surgery entails? She elaborated, “Suck it all up, tie it up and then cut it all off!” She also once said that she would consider plastic surgery even more seriously if she was in a different profession. “If I wasn’t on camera, I would have done it years ago.”

Although Helen Mirren has said that she doesn’t understand why young people get plastic surgery, calling it “horrific” that young men and women opt for cosmetic surgery over “the purity of youthful beauty,” she obviously isn’t against plastic surgery herself. She once said in reference to cosmetic procedures, “You go, ‘I don’t want to look at that face anymore,’ and I understand completely. I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want to make themselves feel happy.” With the results of her brand new facelift, maybe Helen Mirren will finally appreciate the face in the mirror.

More pictures of Helen Mirren:

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  • avatar Mark Walberg says:

    Okay but why? She looks great.

  • avatar jane miller says:

    shes beautiful anyway, inside and out and if she has its up to her, why cant people leave her to her own wishes, love Ms MIrren with or without face lift.

  • avatar Sir Robert says:

    Leave her be ,please.It’s fine to be curious and/or concerned about someone famous who you admire for their work or even their looks, but why be critical and insulting ? Don’t they deserve to have a life? It takes a lot of hard work,courage and tremendous amounts of self confidence to hold your place in an industry where rejection and the word “no” are constant hurdles in the competition of “getting work”.

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