Mama Elsa Patton Before The Botched Plastic Surgery


Mama Elsa Patton before plastic surgeryNo, the woman pictured on the right is not auditioning for a role as the female Joker. She is, believe it or not, an older and extremely plastic-surgeried version of the woman on the left. Elsa Patton, fondly referred to as “Mama Elsa” on the Real Housewives of Miami is the mother of housewife Marysol Patton, and she is clearly suffering from a severe case of botched plastic surgery.

Apparently, Mama Elsa decided to undergo plastic surgery several years ago – to fix what exactly is unclear, since the procedure(s) obviously didn’t work – and, with a few swift slices of the plastic surgeon’s knife, she ended up looking like a bloated and severely disfigured 100-year-old woman.

Elsa Patton opened up about her bad plastic surgery on the season 2 premier of Real Housewives of Miami a couple weeks back, revealing what we all already knew – that a terrible plastic surgeon “ruined” her face. Apparently, the pressure of staying young and looking hot in a town like Miama was too much for poor Mama Elsa. She went under the knife and came out a completely different woman.

It’s really quite sad that botched plastic surgery has destroyed Elsa Patton’s face, because she really was kind of a babe as a younger woman. But don’t you start feeling sorry for Mama Elsa; she is holding her own on the Real Housewives as the only character that anyone really gives a crap about. So with her breakout Housewives stardom and her very own brand of Cuban coffee (say what??), “the mother with the face that only a daughter could love” is probably doing just fine. And don’t forget that Mama Elsa is also a psychic – wait, shouldn’t she have seen this coming?!

More pictures of Mama Elsa Patton before and after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Jennifer says:

    WOW! That’s so sad. She was pretty. I wonder what the hell the surgeon did? Poor woman….

  • avatar Erin says:

    Looks like they injected silicon in her face, which hardens and becomes misshapened. Poor lady, she was beautiful before all that surgery.

  • avatar lendalee says:

    Wow!!!!How sad she was so pretty she did not need any work done yet she thought she did!!!!! That Doc should not be aloud to touch anyone ever agian!!!

  • avatar zoe says:

    omg she was beautiful!!!! what the fuck happened to her face?

  • avatar Lola says:

    Im guessing shes the type of woman who is afraid of surgery and would rather alter herself with surgeries that dont require you to be “sleeping” – though her nose/chin kind of look altered ?

    Anyway, I say this because i know some women who are frightened of surgeries – whom opt for injectable fillers instead of getting a facelift – well, fillers imo only look good if there is some face fat, and preferably on taut skin – other wise you end up looking like this or Sally Jesse Raphael.

    She didnt need lip injections – women above 35 who have naturally thin lips look so weird with the lip fillers, its better to opt for a lip roll or a lip lift.

  • avatar Gezza says:

    OMG……………how revolting!!

  • avatar Jay says:

    Your adults ACT like them stupid CRUEL people. Pray you do not get into an ACCIDENT one day and your face become deformed! She didn’t ask TO BE THIS way morons!

    Plus, she suffers enough she doesn’t need scumbag losers like you fools adding to it GROW UP jerks!

  • avatar yawoli says:

    I love how sites like this never give the bad doctor to bad plastic surgery a name. Why don’t these stars ever call out the doctor who fucked up their face! I would scream “Dr. fuck-up, fucked up my face”.

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