Is Pop Sensation PSY Too Ugly To Be Famous?


Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the past few months, you have seen and heard of Korean pop sensation PSY, and his kitschy (and catchy) hit song, “Gangham Style”. PSY has become more than just an internet sensation and Gangnam Style is close to taking the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 list. But, do you think PSY is too ugly to be famous? Apparently his management company did. While they loved PSY’s songs and style, they thought he was entirely too unattractive to be successful. They went so far as to suggest that he get extensive plastic surgery, or that he should perform wearing a “cool mask”.

A “cool mask” would have been so uncool…
psy gangham style video

I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising, since South Koreans are the most likely to undergo plastic surgery and are #1 in the world for having the most plastic surgery per capita. One in five women in Seoul have undergone at least one plastic surgery procedure and nearly everyone in the entertainment industry is said to have had gone under the knife. Even Miss Korea 2012 has admitted to having several cosmetic surgeries and even more surprising is that she thinks it’s absurd that anyone would think that she would be naturally beautiful. Unlike the United States, which favors breast implants and liposuction, the most popular procedures in Korea all center around the face: double eye lid surgery, rhinoplasty and bone-shaving procedures to slim the shape of the face. So would PSY be more popular if he had double eye lids, a slimmer nose and a westernized face?

PSY plastic surgery

Luckly PSY wasn’t having it and decided against plastic surgery and/or a silly mask that would hide his face. And if you ask us, it’s a good thing he did! Do you really think PSY or Gangnam Style would be nearly as popular if he was another plastic surgeried Hollywood pop-out? We certainly don’t think so!

PSY doin’ it Gangham Style:

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