Not Even Photoshop Can Salvage Cameron Diaz’s Bad Boob Job


Terry Richardson recently shot a photoshoot for British Esquire Magazine, featuring Cameron Diaz and her bolt-on breast implants in lingerie. And while Terry did a great job photoshopping her face back together (remember these scary pics?), Cameron’s bad boob job stole the show.

Cameron Diaz and Her Bolt On Boobs

The 40-year old actress debuted the new breast implants during a bikini filled trip to Hawaii in January, and initially, they looked okay. Unfortunately for Cameron the healing processes didn’t go so well and it appears that she suffered a common complication of breast augmentation surgery (capsular contracture), which has resulted in the horribly fake looking rock hard spheres that are currently protruding from her chest. I don’t know about you, but if I got breast implants and my body immediately tried to encase them in scar tissue in an attempt to kill them, I would take the hint and get them removed. Am I alone on this one?!

Cameron Diaz before and after getting breast implants:
Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants

I guess it just goes to show: money can’t buy you good plastic surgery. It may appear that Cameron Diaz used a coupon for her budget-looking boob job, but I’m sure she went to a highly recommended board certified plastic surgeon, paid top dollar and still ended up with a bad boob job that she probably regrets.

More of the Cameron Diaz/Terry Richardson photoshoot:

And, if you havn’t already seen the embarrassingly horrible “rap” by Cameron and Gwenyth Paltrow, here it is (showing that Cameron’s face is still looking pretty busted from bad plastic surgery…):

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  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Poor Cameron, why wait until your forties to get a boob job??? She should have gotten them in her twenties and she might could have kept a man. Those titts look like rocks in a sock and that’s gross!! She need to just gain some weight!!!

    • avatar MR says:

      You have to get breast implants to keep a man? Aren’t we being a bit mean, lol…

    • avatar lily says:

      She’s actually against marriage and has never had a problem “getting” men, and she wouldn’t have had a problem marrying, either. It just wasn’t for her. Not only that, but only a moron thinks you need to have big breasts to “keep” a man. Third, it would make sense to get implants when she’s older. Your breasts and skin and body are changing. She’s not much “bigger” now, but she may be perkier, which is what some women want.

  • avatar Fabian says:

    The older she gets, the more insecure and desperate she becomes. I’m not complaining, I’ll hopefully be able to get her in the sack!

  • avatar Lola says:

    That just looks ridiculous.

    Cameron looked gorgeous in the Mask – now she just looks weird. (she looks like she’s wearing the mask now !)

    I honestly think she should gain more weight, it would not only make her breasts look more believable, it will also give her more youthful softness.

  • avatar Dawn says:

    I liked the old Cameron. It was nice to see a beautiful woman who was proud of her small chest and showed it off in those skimpy clingy dresses… guess she wasnt so proud of her hot body though huh?
    Get them out before they end up under your arms!

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    She was so sexy the way she was, and I’m a heterosexual woman. Too bad the augmentation went so awry.

  • avatar Catherine says:

    They’re like balls placed on top of the chest. Omg Miss Diaz, what are you doing with your life at 40? You’re losing your dignity. Let the evolution of life takes its toll normally. Look at you now, you have big fake balls on top of your chest. Live a normal life according to your age. Have self esteem.You looked much better, normal beautiful middle aged lady without those unwanted, FAKE boobs.

  • avatar MR says:

    I had capsular contracture, after I was in a car accident. After going through surgery and stretching the skin, no you don’t want to go back.
    While I am not a huge fan of her face, her body looks wonderful (minus the implants). I don’t see why she got them. Implants do not give you something that was never there, they just enhance.

  • avatar francisco says:

    What´s wrong, she´s hotter than before

  • avatar Natalie Douglas says:

    This talentless nothing is an insult to the legacy of film. In my day, movie stars were NATURALLY beautiful and glamorus, like Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe. They didn’t need to resort to these stupid body mutilations. This generation is nothing, it’s a bunch of talentless, vain idiots who will hopefully be forgotten like yesterday’s garbage.

  • avatar Bill says:

    No doubt she’s hotter now but would never have known she had implants because they’re so small.

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