It Takes a Lot Of Work To Make Mickey Rourke So Beautiful


In case you were wondering how it is possible that Mickey Rourke currently looks so handsome, young and natural, we are here to reveal his fountain of youth secret. I know it’s hard to believe, but Mickey Rourke has had extensive plastic surgery!

Mickey Rourke before, during and after the latest plastic surgery:
Mickey Rourke before and after plastic surgery 2012

Pictures have recently hit the internet of Mickey mugging for the camera immediately following a facelift that he had in 2011. In addition to the facelift, it also looks like Mickey may have had hairplugs put in, some filler injections in his lips and an under eye lift.

This is infamously not Mickey’s first time under the knife and he is now more known for the botch plastic surgery on his face than for his acting work. Perhaps the actor, who turned 60 last month, thought that he would treat himself to a new face for his birthday, or maybe he is just addicted to plastic surgery. Whatever it is, it’s a damn shame that Mickey royally wrecked his face because after seeing that picture of him in his underwear, he is looking mighty fine from the neck down! I can guarantee you that Mickey Rourke would look 100x’s better if he never started with the plastic surgery. Now, either way he goes (more plastic surgery or not) he’s forever stuck with that tell-tale bad plastic surgery face.

More pictures of Mickey Rourke all wrapped up in bandages after more plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Elaine says:

    It’s this article that is botched up. The only reason why Mickey Rourke started with plastic surgery was for reconstructive purposes because of the injuries he had suffered in his boxing career. Of course, the surgery was not successful but he was not vain about his looks.

  • avatar Simey Smiles says:

    Class Act. 120%. Man, can he act. Here’s to you, Mickey.

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